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Microencapsulation manufacturer UK wanted

Microencapsulation manufacturer to buy

  • The food packaging firm should have a valuation of approx €2M
  • The location can be anywhere in the UK
  • Reason for acquisition: The acquirer is seeking to acquire a food packaging company in the U.K in order to expand its operations
  • Buyer seeks to benefit from synergies by acquiring a microencapsulation company
  • #CFIE CHB112

Microencapsulation manufacturer UK wanted

The acquiring company has been providing Micro-encapsulation solutions for more than 20 years. It has a strong focus on innovation and is geared to providing individual solutions for a range of different activities. The acquiring company is committed to being a sustainable supplier, manufacturer and member of the communities within which it operates and wants to acquire a microencapsulation company with similar commitments . The firm strives to reduce their social and environmental impact, with a focus on continual improvement of the standard of their manufacturing arm, whilst maintaining organisational goals of reducing costs and improving profitability for our shareholders. A microencapsulation manufacturer with similar views towards social responsibility is sought.

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Microencapsulation manufacturer wanted

The buyer is looking for a microencapsulation company with all the appropriate licenses, based within the UK. The buyer is looking to expand into the British market. The company to be bought should have superior manufacturing technology.
Microencapsulation manufacturer UK Company to buy
The acquirer adheres to the highest of global quality standards and is looking for a microencapsulation company in the U.K that also follows stringent quality guidelines. The buyer is looking for a microencapsulation company that possesses a quality assurance system for all its product lines. The microencapsulation company should also possess all these aspects:

  • Superior processing quality
  • Customer orientated
  • High quality approaches
  • EBITA of €.100M – €1M
  • In profitable stage and  with manufacturing capacities

Highlights of microencapsulation manufacturing company wanted

  • The target company should be a microencapsulation firm based in the United Kingdom
  • The buyer has sufficient funds for expansion post acquisition
  • The buyer is in search of a firm that is profitably growing
  • Acquirer has profitable operations in similar business area

Information on this microencapsulation manufacturing company wanted

Please do not hesitate to contact Corporate Finance in Europe if you know any microencapsulation companies that may be interested in being acquired. This buyer wants to acquire a microencapsulation manufacturing company located in the United Kingdom. For more buyers of UK companies please visit the section buyers for UK companies.