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A medical equipment company to buy

  • The location of the company to buy can be anywhere across Europe
  • The company to buy needs to be active in medical equipment manufacturing
  • Reason for acquisition: The buyer wants to grow its portfolio offering. Hence, it wants to acquire a medical equipment manufacturer in Europe
  • Enterprise value should be between 1 and 20 mln euro
  • #CFIE HCB029

Overview medical equipment buyer

A medical equipment manufacturing company, with headquarters in Eastern Europe, wants to acquire a similar company active in the field of manufacturing medical equipment. The buyer is an experienced manufacturer of medical equipment. Through this acquisition, the buyer wants to extend its customer portfolio. The enterprise value should be between 1 and 20 mln euro. If you know such medical equipment manufacturing companies for sale please get in touch.

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A medical equipment company wanted

The buyer is a leader in the development, manufacturing and supply of medical equipment in Eastern Europe. The company is engaged in manufacturing medical equipment, especially emergency medical equipment. The company is a specialist in the manufacturing of emergency stretchers. The buyer of a medical equipment manufacturer cooperates with leading research and development institutions located in the European Union to continuously increase the quality of its products.

Products of the buyer of medical equipment manufacturer

The buyer is an Eastern European based highly experienced medical equipment manufacturing company. The buyer would like to acquire a manufacturer of medical equipment. The company produces:

  • Various types of stretchers (roll-in, folding, and scoop as an example)
  • Spinal Boards
  • Splints and Immobilizers
  • Medical Bags & Cases
  • Medical Equipment & Instruments

Highlights of the medical equipment manufacturing company wanted

  • The company is a young and dynamic manufacturer
  • The buyer is Eastern European based but sells its products globally
  • The company has funds for further expansion
  • The buyers bring in capital and experience with medical equipment

More information on this medical equipment manufacturer in europe wanted

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