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Manufacturer for renewable industry wanted in Europe

Company wanted

  • Size: small business
  • Revenue: between 2-20 million EUR
  • Location of the target: any country of Europe
  • Reason for acquisition: The management of the buyer wants to invest its spare cash in a functioning manufacturing business in Europe
  • #CFIE MAB194

Overview of this buyer for a manufacturer for the renewable industry 

The management of an Asian large company has decided to look for a target company that is active in manufacturing for the renewables industry with special technology. Therefore, they are looking at the market for suiting companies, with the help of local M&A advisor. The buyer is open for different opportunities, the target is not required to fully meet the below-mentioned criteria. The target ideally should have revenue exceeding 2 million EUR.

Profile (strategy) of this manufacturer for renewable industry wanted in Europe

The buyer company is a large printing media company based in Asia. The company manufactures parts of printing device machinery. The company has been founded approximately 30 years ago,

The buyer has been recognized as one of the best companies in the field of digital output devices manufacturers, mainly because of their orientation to quality and price competitiveness. The company supplies printing machinery parts to over 400 customers from all over the world.

The products of the company include 4 main products:

  • OPC Drums
  • Chips
  • Toners
  • Rollers

The buyer company management is oriented at sustainable and renewable energy usage. The company even owns multiple PE plants and its facilities are equipped with modern machinery using sustainable and environmentally friendly systems. One of the facilities owned by the company is completely fuel-cell-powered. One of the projects of the company is a project that includes manufacturing plans of fuel cells, usable in residential buildings. That is also why the company is looking for a manufacturer, oriented at sustainable energy system manufacturing or design.

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Activities and products of the ideal target of this buyer

Due to the company’s continuous growth, the management is looking for opportunities in Europe. The company owns spare cash and they want to invest these funds into an established factory in Europe. That is why the company is looking at options in Europe which could suit its development plans. The company already owns a subsidiary in Germany.

The buyer is looking for a target, with operations related to energy and manufacturing.

The buyer is financially strong, with about 50-60M EUR revenue and annual profit at about 5-6 million EUR. The buyer is already working on an acquisition in the US, however, they have got some spare funds to invest in Europe. As the buyer already runs multiple manufacturing businesses, it will bring synergies to each party.

Highlights of this buyer for renewables industry manufacturer

  • The buyer is a successful printing drum and ink manufacturer for printer devices with operations in the renewable energy business 
  • The buyer already has some presence in Europe, but want to invest spare funds into a subsidiary
  • The buyer is able to bring synergies to the target as it has operations in manufacturing

Information about the buyer for renewables industry manufacturer

Feel free to contact us for more information regarding this manufacturer for renewables industry wanted or if you know possible suited targets. For more buyers of companies please visit the section companies wanted. We can help you with an active search for companies for sale. For companies for sale visit the section companies for sale. For companies for sale specialized only in manufacturing, please visit the section manufacturing companies for sale.

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