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IT hardware recycling companies to buy wanted

Business to buy wanted in information technology

Company to buy

  • Location: Europe
  • Revenue: preferably large size but a minimum of 25 Million Euro applies
  • Reason for acquisition: The buyer wants to leverage it’s infrastructure and grow via acquisitions


A multinational company that is active in IT hardware recycling wants to grow via acquisitions. This company wants to buy recycling companies.

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Profile (strategy)

This multinational company is currently active in the area of spare and repair parts. The company also focuses on technical call centre and field support for IT hardware suppliers. Recycling of hardware and components and E-waste are an important part of the full chain of services the company provides. The company wants to grow in Europe and have further locations all across the continent.

Activities and or products

The company provides a large number of services related to IT hardware after they have been produced by the venders. The company helps with technical support, on field services and service part logistics. Repair and spare parts are also an important part of it’s service portfolio.


The company has experience with acquisitions and is able to integrate them efficiently in the organization.


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