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Intelligent Transportation buyer Germany

Business to buy wanted in information technology

Company (Intelligent Transportation Systems) to buy

  • Sales intelligent transportation systems company: 1 - 5 m Euro
  • Location intelligent transportation systems company: Germany
  • Employees intelligent transportation systems company: 5 – 20
  • #CFIE U039
  • Reason for acquisition: International ITS company is looking to service new clients in Germany and hence wants to grow further in Germany via acquisitions and benefit from synergies and established client relationships

Overview intelligent transportation systems company wanted

An European based solution provider in the ITS (intelligent transportation systems) sector active already in its home country and multiple other countries is interested in a purchase of a small sized business in Germany. The buyer is an established company that focuses on ITS (intelligent transportation systems) solutions, primarily on applications for the road sector. The company is profitable and growing strongly. It owns and develops multiple different solutions for this specific industry and wants to sell those solutions jointly with the acquired company in the German market.  The buyer is looking for a company with expertise in services like consulting or other professional services in the specific sector of ITS (intelligent transportation systems). The acquired company should work ideally with long term contracts focused in that specific sector. Clients could be Public and/or Private, however with a focus on German clients. The revenue base is preferably between 1 and 5 M euro with approximately 5 to 20 resources. This buyer is open for a 100% acquisition and wants to retain the management for a longer period (minimum 2-3 years of management lock in). Carving out is also an option.
The buyer is looking for an experienced company in the ITS sector with a good track record in providing services, e.g. consulting and/or professional services to German clients.

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Profile (strategy) intelligent transportation systems company

The buyer offers solutions in the ITS sector for Public and Private clients, e.g. automotive. The company has an international presence and various clients. Currently there is no business in Germany. Together with the acquired company the entry into the German market should be accomplished.

Activities and services of the intelligent transportation systems company company to be acquired

The company to be acquired should be a provider of intelligent transportation systems services in Germany. The focus sector should be ITS (Intelligent Transportation Systems), specifically road related. Good customer contacts exist either in Public or Private sector or both. The company and its people have an entrepreneurial mind set.
Services of that company could be:
  • Consultancy
  • Professional Service
  • Managed Services
  • Operational Services

Highlights intelligent transportation systems company

  • The buying company is a recognised leader in the ITS sector, growing well and has a dynamic management
  • The solution they provide are for international purpose and implemented widely
  • The company for sale should be active in the ITS sector providing services, like Consulting, Professional or Operational Services to its customer
  • The management should preferably stay and run the operations for Germany.

Information of ITS (intelligent transportation systems company) sector buyer

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