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Customs software companies to buy wanted

Business to buy wanted in information technology

Software companies wanted in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Poland or Spain

  • Sales of companies wanted: 0,5m to 10m Euro
  • Location: Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Poland or Spain
  • The customs software company should employ 2-20 people
  • Reason for acquisition: The buyer wants to provide it’s IT forwarding platform to new customers in these countries and add further services to its portfolio with the acquisition of a domestic customs software company
  • CFIE T0129

Overview businesses wanted

A global software vendor for the forwarding industry is interested in extending it’s platform with more local customs software. Hence, it is looking to buy a small or medium sized IT customs software company in Poland, Spain, Denmark, Finland, Norway or Sweden.

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Strategy of the customs software company

The company is active in software for ocean/sea and air forwarding and has already activity in a lot of European countries. It wants to extend it’s portfolio with customs software services in Poland, Spain, Denmark or other Scandinavian countries. Ideally it is looking for a IT customs software producer with some sales capacity so this company is also capable of selling the solutions of the buyer locally.

Software and services

The company is active in software and provides a platform for the international forwarding community. This includes customs software for a large number of countries. However, not in all countries customs services are provided yet. This is the type of services the buyer wants to add.


The reason for acquisition:

  • The company is a leading middle sized software service provider (family company)
  • High quality of IC services for the forwarding industry
  • The buyer wants to grow it’s service portfolio
  • The IT buyer wants to add new locations

Information companies to buy

Feel free to contact us if your company is active in customs software for the transportation and forwarding industry. The businesses to buy wanted should ideally be located in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Poland or Spain. A phone call will be suited even if your company does not exactly match, in that case we can find another buyer.