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IT Solutions Company

Business to buy wanted in information technology

ICT solutions company to buy 

  • Size: small to mid-sized business
  • Location: Germany
  • Reason for acquisition: The management of a Western Europe-based IT company wants to expand the business in Germany.
  • #CFIE LAI025

Overview of the ICT solutions company Germany to buy

The company, which provides a full-range of IT services across Europe, is looking to buy a company which operates in a similar sector in order to expand its business. The management is interested in companies based in Germany.

Profile (strategy) of the ICT solutions company Germany to buy

The company, based in Central Europe, is a full-service IT solutions provider. Since its inception, about 25 years ago, the company has undertaken a growth strategy in order to strengthen its position in the IT industry and provide a full range of services. The company is now a one-stop-shop providing a full range of IT solutions across Europe. In the last few years the company has also started an inorganic growth strategy through acquisitions in order to build a complete portfolio of solutions and be able to satisfy any IT needs across several industries. The management is looking to buy a full-service IT company in Germany in order to further develop its business.

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Activities and products of the ICT solutions company Germany to buy

The management is looking to buy an IT business in Germany which may help the company to strengthen its position. The buyer provides a full range of IT outsourcing services:
  • IT Infrastructure: networking design and implementation, security solutions.
  • Managed Services: hosting, 24-7 support
  • Professional Services: consulting, training.
  • Application Development: customized software applications.
  • Business Solutions: collaboration and workflow management, data intelligence, CRM.
The company has a wide expertise across several sectors such as healthcare, social security, retail, logistics, manufacturing, public and financial services. 

Highlights of the ICT solutions company Germany to buy

Below some highlights about the company to buy:
  • The target company should be a full-service ICT company based in Germany.
  • The management is happy to consider small to mid-sized businesses.

Information of the ICT solutions company to buy

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