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International IT security buyer

Business to buy wanted in information technology

Company (IT security) to buy

  • Sales of the IT security company wanted: > 5m Euro
  • Location IT security company wanted: Germany, Switzerland or Austria
  • Employees of the IT security company wanted: >10
  • EBITDA of the IT security company wanted: target 10-12% EBITDA margin but outside of this scope can also be of interest
  • Valuations: buyer will pay up to 6-7 x EBITDA
  • CFIE ITB279
  • Reason for acquisition: Enter the German speaking market and find a new client base to which its IT security services are delivered

Overview IT security buyer

An IT security services company is interested in growing it’s IT security business further via acquisitions. It is looking for IT security companies that provide managed services solutions in the security area. It can either be companies with an interesting client base or alternatively IT security companies with an interesting service proposition in the IT security area. In terms of geography the German market is the most attractive for the IT security buyer, alongside German-speaking countries (Switzerland, Austria) that could be a springboard to the main European market. The UK could also be a possibility, for its obvious language advantages. In terms of size the IT security buyer thinks that bigger deals are relatively easier to manage in terms of a M&A process. Realistically the IT security buyer is aiming at 5-10 m€ targets for smoother integration. Regarding management the company would like to retain the local team to manage the local subsidiary, provided performance and transparency levels are satisfactory. In terms of EBITDA and valuation the IT security buyer would target 10-12% EBITDA margin and would pay 6-7 x EBITDA.

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Profile (strategy) IT security buyer

The company offers high quality IT security services in cooperation with best in class security partners. The ICT security buyer is interested in growing it’s security service portfolio or expand the number of IT security services provided. Acquiring a company in Germany would hence give the opportunity to service a larger customer base. In terms of activity the buyer doesn’t want revenues from hardware or third-party products (firewall, antivirus etc.). The buyer would like to increase its Managed Services business, but they are not going into system management or datacentre services, such as remote back-up. We are a pure-play security company and would like to stay so. Security consulting services are attractive, but they don’t want to go into business/organisation consulting.

Activities and services IT security buyer

The buyer is a service provider of IT security services and solves several security issues and threats on modern and complex Information and Communication Technology architectures. The ICT buyer supports its customers in the IT security activities of strategic planning, design, implementation and execution. The ICT buyer is active in the following activities:

  • Penetration tests (simulation of hackers or worms)
  • Vulnerability assessments
  • Wireless testing
  • Malware analysis
  • Security audits
  • Assessment tests

Highlights IT security buyer

The ICT security company is growing quickly and has a stable client base. It is backed by strong investors that support the buyer in it’s plans to grow its business in the IT security area.

Information regarding this IT security buyer

Please do get in touch if you know of possible IT security targets open for a business sale to this strategic IT security buyer. If you are interested in further IT companies for sale please check the section IT companies for sale. For IT companies wanted please check the section business brokers ICT.