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Hosting companies wanted

Business to buy wanted in information technology

Company (ICT hosting) to buy

  • Sales of the ICT hosting company wanted: 1m to 20m Euro
  • EBITDA margin of the company to be acquired should be high: >10%
  • The available budget for acquisition: 15m Euro
  • Preferred activities are IT Hosting (Domains, Shared, VPS and Cloud servers)
  • Other related activities or IT services are welcome
  • Location ICT hosting company wanted: the Netherlands
  • CFIE U089
  • Reason for acquisition: The buyer wants to grow a leading Dutch based hosting company via acquisitions. The buyers are planning a consolidation of medium and smaller sized hosting companies. Business processes will be further optimized where possible. In a later stage it also wants to extend its product portfolio so it can sell new products to this customer base.

Overview hosting buyer

An ICT hosting company is interested in growing a leading company via the consolidation of medium and smaller sized hosting companies. The buyers team consist of  2 young and dynamic European entrepreneurs that have started and grown their own IT company. This experienced team has sold their company and joined a NASDAQ multinational. While being with this company they did more than 20 acquisitions and consolidated these companies into the mother firm. Their plan is now to do a similar consolidation of the Dutch, small and medium sized, hosting market. Hence, they are looking for like-minded hosting business owners to grow a larger scale and continue to further professionalize the organisation.

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Profile (strategy) ICT hosting buyer

The buyer still sees a lot of consolidation opportunities in the Dutch hosting market. The first hosting company the buyer is looking for should be a medium sized hosting company where management has an interest to grow via further purchases of hosting companies. The management can work on further integration of hosting companies or hosting portfolio’s to grow the size of the hosting group.

Activities and services ICT hosting buyer

The buyer is a interested to form a high quality hosting company. The buyer wants to become active with the following preferred activities in IT Hosting:

  • Domains
  • Shared hosting
  • VPS and Cloud servers
  • Other related activities or IT services are welcome

Highlights hosting buyer

The hosting company will be led by young and dynamic entrepreneurs that have an interest to grow a leading hosting company. These are some of the highlights:

  • Strategic opportunity to become part of a young and dynamic venture
  • Strong preference to keep the employees in place
  • Market conform valuations paid for profitable hosting portfolio’s
  • Option for seller to stay or leave after a transition period (first company can manage the integration of new targets)

Information regarding this ICT hosting buyer

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