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Graphene company Germany

Chemicals company to buy wanted

Graphene applications/chemicals distribution company to buy

  • The location of the target company: Europe, preferably Germany or Austria
  • Reason for acquisition: The buyer wants to acquire a chemical distribution company to integrate into its downstream value chain.  
  • Revenue: <10m Euro
  • #CFIE PCU012

Overview graphene chemicals distribution companies buyer

A company specialising in the production and application of graphene and its derivative materials, with headquarters in Europe and North America, wants to acquire a distribution company active in the field of graphene applications. The graphene manufacturing, its patents and production facilities as well as labs where graphene derivatives and master batches are formulated, packaged and shipped is all located in North America.
The buyer has deep graphene knowledge, is a graphene producer, not just modifier or application developer. They are experts in graphene dispersion being able to mix graphene into a wide range of industrial materials and has important and valuable patents.

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Graphene applications/chemicals distribution companies wanted

The buyer is looking for a small sized chemical distribution company. The distribution company should be ideally located in Germany or Austria.
The investors understand that developing graphene applications and resulting revenues will take some time and in the meantime are committed to acquiring companies downstream in the value chain with profitable established businesses that would also permit gradual access to users and other key intermediaries pivotal in realizing the benefits that graphene will lend to existing and new products and applications.

Products and processes of buyer of graphene applications/chemicals distribution business

The buyer produces graphene powders from natural flake graphite and develops graphene-based applications and solutions

  • Innovative, proprietary conversion technology (4 patents)
  • 3 tonne production capacity in place
  • 4th largest producer in the world
  • Graphene additives in plastic industry
  • Graphene coatings, anti‐corrosion, hydrophobic, anti‐bacterial
  • Target  Markets:
  • Immediate: Plastics, Rubbers, Textiles, Paints & Coatings, Defence
  • Future: Li-ion Batteries, Solar Cells, Performance Clothing, Aerospace

Highlights of the graphene applications/chemicals distribution company wanted

  • The company to buy should be active in chemicals distribution (graphene applications) and based in Europe, preferably in Germany or Austria;
  • The buyers bring in capital and experience with technology to address the biggest challenges that the graphene industry is facing today;
  • The buyer has a team of business leaders and material scientists with broad industrial experience;

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