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Freight forwarding company in Australia wanted

Transportation company to buy wanted

Forwarding Company to buy

  • Forwarder should have a revenue from 2m to 15m Euro
  • Location of the company wanted: Australia
  • Freight forwarder should Employ 2-40 people
  • Reason for acquisition: The buyer wants to provide forwarding services out of Australia to its international customers
  • CFIE T0122

Overview forwarder

A global forwarding company with a focus on air and sea/ocean forwarding, warehousing and logistics services is looking to buy a small or medium sized forwarding company in Australia. The preference is on forwarding companies with a focus on Africa and Europe.

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Strategy of the company

The company is active in ocean/sea and air forwarding and has already some activity in Australia which it wants to extend. The company is interested in buying in Australia particularly in Melbourne and Perth. Ideally it is looking for non-asset based freight forwarding companies with no own trucks or warehouses. Their ideal scenario is to find outfits with about Euro 10m in turnover and Euro 500K in Ebitda.

Services forwarder wanted

The company is active in air and sea forwarding services mainly between Africa, Europe and Australia. The company is active in raw materials, mining and some further industries.


The company is a middle sized forwarding company where management teams get a lot of flexibility to keep on steering the business. The buyer has experience with acquisitions and is looking for the right candidates (forwarding companies) open to be acquired.

Information for Australian company owners

If you are the owner of an Australian forwarding company don´t hesitate to contact us. If you are a forwarder and not located in Australia we might have another buyer for your company.