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Food warehousing company wanted

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Company to buy

  • Sales: 5m to 100m Euro
  • Location: Europe
  • Employees: 20 to 500
  • EBITDA : € 0,5 m - € 20 m
  • Active in warehousing and distribution of food like meat, vegetables, fruit, diary or agricultural products
  • CFIE TRB113
  • Reason for acquisition: The buyer is very focused on warehousing in the food industry with value added additional services and wants to provide food (temperature controlled) warehousing services across Europe to its customers

Overview food warehousing company

A global logistics and warehousing company with a focus on the food industry wants to expand and build up a larger position across Europe. The company is a logistic partner with a global reach that has done various acquisitions already. The company operates a supply chain network for its clients with cold chain solutions. The organization specializes in offering complete supply chain coldstore management solutions. The core business is warehousing and distribution and International freight forwarding for the global food industry with value added services like repacking, deep freezing, labelling, etc. The logistic services are focussed on air and sea freight. The company wants to grow in handling and storing of foods with a temperature controlled warehouse capacity. The company has a large total temperature controlled warehouse capacity.

It is currently strong in global deliveries for the food industry (global trade flows of fruit and vegetables). Now it is looking to buy a medium or larger sized food, temperature controlled, warehousing company in Europe to serve its customer base. Preferably the management is strong and wants to continue growing the company in a larger structure with strong financial support.

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Strategy of food (temperature controlled) warehousing buyer

The company is active in cold chain logistics solutions and warehousing for the food industry. The company has a large warehousing network for food related clients. The buyer provides value-added logistics and value-added services including repackaging, labelling, check. The strategy is to optimally serve its international customers with global food flows via an acquisition of companies that operate specialized cold store warehouses and/or have established freight forwarding branches in the food industry. Complex logistic problems are seen as an opportunity to add value to the supply network.

The company is interested in buying a logistics company in Europe that has strong temperature controlled warehousing capabilities with a focus on the food industry.

Ideal profile of cold store warehousing company to be acquired

The focus should be on temperature controlled warehousing and logistics in the food industry. The company to buy should be active in warehousing and distribution of foods like vegetables, fruit, diary, meat and other agricultural products. It is ideal when targets provide value-added logistics and value-added services like labelling, repackaging, checks, etc.

Highlights temperature controlled warehousing buyer

The company has a lot of experience in the food industry and serves many customers across globally with international trade flows. It wants to extend this business model to further new locations in Europe.

Information on coldstore buyer

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