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Distribution or manufacturing companies in crop protection wanted

Chemicals company to buy wanted

Company to buy

  • Sales: > 5m Euro
  • Location: Global (preference for Europe or South-America)
  • Employees: > 25
  • Reason for acquisition: Company is trying to grow its distribution network to sell own products and extend its product portfolio with new products.
  • CFIE CHB106


A global player in the area of crop protection for agricultural products is interested in a purchase of a medium or larger sized distribution or manufacturing business in the same field. Get more information about this manufacturer of crop protection related products looking for an acquisition.

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Profile (strategy)

The company offers products in the field of crop protection. It has a long history and has grown via acquisitions in the past. The buyer wants to increase its market shares in new growing markets where agricultural crop protection plays an important role.

Activities and or products

The company to acquire should be a service provider or distributor of products related to crop protection. It can also be a manufacturer with similar products (like biocides) of high quality. Relevant companies can be owners of molecules, trademarks for crop protection or have other similar services.


The buying company is growing well and has an experienced management team from the industry.


Please do get in touch if you are interested in learning more or know possible targets for this buyer of crop protection related products. Fill out contact form (get in touch).