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Detergents manufacturer

Chemicals company to buy wanted

Detergents manufacturing company to buy

  • The size of the detergents manufacturing company should be small
  • The number of the employees of the target company should be up to 100
  • Purchase range is up to 5m Euro
  • The location should be in Europe, preferably Western and Northern Europe
  • #CFIE DBB 026
  • Reason for acquisition: The buyer aims to expand its position on the European market by acquiring a cosmetics and detergents manufacturer in Europe. The buyer is looking for a 100% acquisition and benefit from synergies.

Overview of the buyer for detergents manufacturing company

East European based detergents manufacturing company, active mainly on the cosmetics and detergents industry, is interested in a purchase of a small sized detergents manufacturer in Europe, preferably Western or Northern Europe. The buyer is one of the leading cosmetics company with innovative hygiene and cosmetic products with natural ingredients. They have a fully equipped production capacity, modern equipment, workshops and laboratories, and many decades experience in producing products with natural ingredients, which guarantee first class quality, meeting the highest world standards. The company also offers to its clients private label cosmetic products with specific package designs, formulations, fragrances and natural ingredients. The buyer has excellent developed processes for research and development of new products, clinic product testing and development of new packing in accordance with the customers’ expectations.

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Profile (strategy) of the detergents manufacturing company wanted

The buyer is looking for a small sized detergents manufacturer, located in Europe, preferably Western or Northern Europe. The buyer is active worldwide but seeks to grow its position on the European market. They are looking for acquisition opportunities in Europe in line with their global growth plans. The ideal target would be to buy small detergents trading company with established trademark or a manufacturing company with up to 100 employees and a purchase price up to 5m Euro. They could increase the budget depending on the quality of the target and financing. The buyer would bring their experience, knowledge and supplier base to a smaller competitor located in the target geography. A secondary goal is to establish a production base in Central or Northern Europe, so they could serve their European clients better.

Cosmetics and detergents products to buy

The buyer is looking for a detergents manufacturing company that can provide the following detergents and cosmetics products:

  • Hair products
  • Hair dying products
  • Oral hygiene products
  • Cleaning face products
  • Cleaning body products
  • Many others

Highlights of the detergents buyer

  • The target company should be a small size detergents manufacturing company operating in Western or Northern Europe
  • The buyer is an East European based detergents manufacturing company that has sufficient resources to grow the business further

Information on this detergents manufacturing company wanted

Please do get in touch if you know such detergents manufacturers open for a sale. This buyer aims to acquire an operating company in the cosmetics and detergents industry in Europe. The detergents manufacturer should be of a small size. For pharma companies for sale please visit the page Pharma companies for sale. For pharma companies wanted by buyers please visit the page Pharma companies wanted
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