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Dangerous goods logistics company in Europe wanted

Dangerous goods logistics company in Europe to buy

•    Size: mid to large sized business
•    Revenue: EUR 10-100M
•    Location of the company: Europe
•    Reason for acquisition: business expansion
•    #CFIE TRB109

Overview of the buyer of dangerous goods logistics company in Europe  

The management of a buyer company wants to acquire dangerous goods logistics business in Europe. Therefore they are looking for businesses specialized in chemical transportations. The management is particularly interested in companies operating in Europe.

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Profile (strategy) of the buyer of dangerous goods logistics company in Europe

The buyer, nearly century old, large European chemical value chain multifunctional company, is looking for acquisition opportunities of logistics companies specialize in dangerous goods logistics and handling to merge with its already owned transportation company. The buyer, member of some alliances and international logistics partnership, own terminals and hubs network, is active in the field of distribution, shipping, multimodal transportation, warehousing, filling and packaging of chemicals and other dangerous goods. The buyer is asset strong family owned group with own fleet of special vessels, trucks and road tankers, hundreds of various types of tank containers, hubs as well as a terminals. The future corporation will serve major chemicals and other dangerous goods producers and consumers all over Europe.

Activities and products of dangerous goods logistics company in Europe wanted  

The buyer is interested in large or medium sized logistics company located in Europe. The company for sale should be proficient and licensed in carriage of dangerous goods fulfilling ADR requirements. The company to buy should have appropriate facilities suitable for handling the chemical products and provide the logistic operations. The employees should be well trained and experienced in handling of dangerous goods. Preferably, the acquired company should have some constant customers to provide uninterrupted business.

Highlights of the buyer and dangerous goods logistics company in Europe wanted

•    The buyer is a chemical value chain group of companies owning chemical and
      transportation businesses in Europe
•    The buyer is asset and financially strong transportation company
•    Company wanted to be specialized in logistics of chemical and other dangerous
•    Company wanted desirable to operate own facilities
•    Operational areal should cover Europe

More information about the buyer and dangerous goods logistics company in Europe wanted

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