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Construction chemicals buyer

Chemicals company to buy wanted

Construction chemicals manufacturer to buy

  • The sales of the company to buy should be between 3m and 50m Euro
  • The company to buy should be located in Turkey
  • The construction chemicals manufacturer should have good contacts in the construction industry
  • #CFIE T0263
  • Reason for acquisition: The buyer wants to grow its position on the Turkish market and sell construction related products across Turkey. It wants to acquire a company that is active in construction chemicals, supplies or related products

Construction chemicals buyer

A global construction chemicals manufacturing supplier wants to acquire a manufacturer of construction chemicals in Turkey. It is a producer of construction chemicals that can be used for various purposes across the construction industry. The construction buyer is open to acquisitions or JVs in Turkey. The buyer is very active in the Middle East and wants to grow it’s position in Turkey. The buyer is an international company specialising in the development, production and marketing of solutions to the construction industry. As a leading supplier of construction chemicals to the industry, the buyer has a global presence with a strong focus on Europe, Middle East and increasingly Asia.
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Strategy construction chemicals company wanted

The strategy for growth of the buyer has three main elements:
  • Expansion of existing businesses
  • Entry into new territories by establishing new wholly-owned or joint venture companies
  • Acquisition of a company in a new territory
The buyer does not currently have a physical market presence in Turkey and is exploring whether to establish a new manufacturing venture or seek an acquisition of an existing player in this important market. As there are already a number of companies operating in some of the market space in Turkey, an acquisition seems the most likely option for entry into this market. Turkey is increasingly important as a market for the business because Turkish contractors grow their business in developing markets and often recommend products that they know from their home market.

Construction chemicals manufacturer company wanted

The buyer is looking for a medium size construction chemicals manufacturer with revenues of 3 to 50m Euro. The buyer is not yet active in Turkey and wants to grow its position on the Turkish market. The buyer is open to any location in Turkey.
Products construction chemicals manufacturer to buy
The buyer is looking for a construction chemicals manufacturer that can produce the following products that are used in the cement and concrete technology:
  • Cement additives
  • Corrosion protection products and controls
  • Surface treatments
  • Waterproofing and sealants
  • Gas membranes
  • Surface coatings


  • The company to buy should be active in the manufacturing of construction chemicals
  • The buyer is a large group that will expand the business further in Turkey
  • The target company should be active in construction chemicals

Information on this construction chemicals manufacturing company wanted

Please do get in touch if you know such manufacturers of construction chemicals open for a sale. This buyer wants to acquire a manufacturer of construction chemicals for industrial use located in Turkey. The manufacturer is preferably of a medium size. Fill out contact form (get in touch).