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Buy a chemical waste water player

Company to buy

  • Sales: 2m to 50m Euro
  • Location: Europe
  • Employees: 10 to 100
  • EBITDA    : € 0,5 m - € 3 m
  • Preferably active in chemical waste water treatment as a technology company
  • #CFIE T243
  • Reason for acquisition: The buyer is very focused on the chemical industry with a special interest in chemical waste water treatment and wants to buy a similar company in Europe

Overview chemical waste water treatment manufacturer

An Indian chemical waste water treatment company with a focus on the chemical industry wants to expand out of its core country and do an acquisition in Europe. The buyer is very interested in companies for sale that involve chemical water treatment or waste water treatment. The buyer started as a water treatment chemical company itself in the past. Since then it has made inroads into the antiperspirant markets and is now also working on opportunities in the pharma front.

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Strategy of chemical waste water treatment buyer

The chemical buyer supplies to the petrochemical industry and to pharmaceutical and chemical-intermediates users. It manufactures low-cost chemical solutions for multiple industries including water treatment, personal care, intermediates, pigments and electronic etchants. It provides high quality customer service. The company is further active as a manufacturer and supplier of chemical solutions for water treatment. Environmental clearance is also an important part of their services.

Ideal profile of chemical waste water treatment manufacturer to be acquired

The focus should be on waste water treatment solutions in the chemical industry. The company to buy should be active in waste water treatment. Possible solutions of the seller can be used in municipal and industrial water treatment applications. This can be related to phosphate removal, reduction or removal of chemical or biological oxygen items. One of the divisions manufactures and supplies chemical solutions for multiple industries with a focus on the water treatment. As the worldwide population grows, the importance of clean water supplies grows with it. With treatment regulations as stringent as they have ever been, water treatment has become a complex and challenging industry. The buyer is a worldwide leader in the manufacturer of chemicals designed for use in water and wastewater treatment.


The company has a lot of experience in the chemical industry and especially water treatment. Here are some of the highlights of the buyer:
  • High focus on the delivery processes
  • Responsiveness to customer challenges
  • Work in empowered teams to provide high quality service
  • Manage changes in our customers’ volume demand
  • Extend this business model to Europe.


Please do get in touch if you know such chemical water treatment companies with a focus on the chemical industry in Europe open for a business sale. If you are interested in learning more about mergers and acquisitions in the chemical industry please visit chemical mergers and acquisitions.