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Chinese certification buyer

Testing, certification and inspection company to buy

  • Sales: Till 50 million Euro
  • Location: Europe
  • Employees: Till 1000
  • EBITDA    : Black figures
  • Not necessary to deal all segments, considered if specialist (Automotive, Electronics,…)
  • #CFIE U030
  • Reason for Acquisition: Our client wants to expand its business in Europe and decides to buy a direct access to the market through one/various acquisition/s

Overview testing company wanted to buy

The company works in everything about testing, certification and inspection related in China. As usual in China they’d become a global company because the obligation to attend its huge internal market. They would be interested about their first step in EU to expand their brand as far as to get direct revenues.
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Strategy of the testing, certification and inspection company

The company wants to expand in mainland Europe. As they have large customers in China, they´re used to work through high quality standards, all over the world competitive. Buying some main local companies become their choice in front of build their own European branch right from zero.

Ideal profile of testing, certification and inspection company to be acquired

The client is a global supplier, so they’d be interested in a similar company. However they’re conscious the most of opportunities will match in companies working just for a limited number of sectors, so they’d be ready to buy non-global companies to growth them up since landing.

Information on this buyer of testing, certification and inspection companies

Please do get in touch if you know such testing, certification and/or inspection companies in Europe open for a business sale. This buyer is interested in testing, certification and inspection companies. We do have good experience in the testing, certification and inspection industry and can help to find  buyers for your testing, certification and inspection company for sale so please fill out the contact form on the right side of this page (get in touch).