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Cargo securing systems company wanted

Load securement company to buy

  • Sales: 5m to 20m Euro
  • Location: Europe (Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Turkey, UK)
  • Employees: 5-100
  • Dunnage bags and cargo securement manufacturers with over € 5 Mio sales
  • Reasonable EBITDA margins
  • Reason for acquisition: The buyer wants to provide cargo securing services out of the whole of  Europe and grow its business via more acquisitions
  • CFIE MAB138


The buyer is active in strapping solutions for load and cargo. It uses bonded and woven solutions as well as lashing, dunnage bags and tensioners. The solutions of the buyer differentiate itself from the competition due to its strength, safety, cost effectiveness, light-weight and chemical resistance. The company wants to provide customers with cost-effective, tailor-made solutions that ensure safe and damage-free transportation of products. It offers customized securing solutions for all types of cargo and modes of transportation.

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Profile (strategy)

The buyer is one of the global leaders in cargo security solutions and has an ambitious plan to grow the company over the next years. A large part of the growth will need to come from acquisitions. The buyer is open to JV or majority stake acquisition, would also consider growing the company together with the current partners. Growth via acquisitions of load securement companies is the plan.

Activities and or products

The cargo securing buyer provides solutions for the securing of products of clients. It is important that products reach their destination damage free. The company provides the highest quality of cargo securing systems . The company is a market leader in securing solutions for cargo during transport. The company also produces dunnage air bags and inflatable dunnage systems

Highlights cargo securing buyer

  • The buyer is one of the leading load securement companies
  • The load securement company has revenues of over € 100 Mio
  • It operates in more than 50 countries
  • The cargo securement buyer exists for more than 40 years and has a global footprint
  • The buyer is producing for all modes of transport excluding air freight & over the load.
  • The buyer sells directly to end users and has a portfolio of 30,000 clients

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