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Web hosting company in France to buy

  • Revenue: 2-20 million EUR
  • Employees: Not a decisive factor
  • Location of the target: France
  • Reason for acquisition: The company is a web hosting enterprise looking to expand its operations in France and the Benelux countries by making acquisitions. Therefore, it is looking for a company to buy
  • #CFIE ITB053

Overview of the buyer for a web hosting company in France

The company is a web hosting provider that operates in France and wants to expand its business in France and the Benelux countries. It is an established player in the French market, where its large portfolio of products is well recognized. The target company should demonstrate a solid database of clients,     clear potential for development and should be profitable. Any need for working capital will be provided by the buyer who has the financial means to support the newly formed enterprise. The buyer is flexible and open to various options the seller might bring to the table.

Profile (strategy) of the buyer for a web hosting company in France

The company has more than 20 years of experience in web hosting and infrastructure. From the beginning of its operations, all the profit has been reinvested in the company in order to consolidate and to develop their service activity. Due to this, the company now owns 2 data centers in France and two other subsidiaries in Spain and the Netherlands. The enterprise sells dedicated servers online, packs of AJAX – ASP.NET and 2.0 – MS MSQL 2005 and many other solutions from its field. It operates an active network that is based on last generation technologies such as OSPF/BGP4 full-Mashhad, technologies that ensure high-speed access and availability of the data hosted. Its cloud solution can be delivered on 4 continents, the support is provided in many languages in order to satisfy clients from more than 70 countries. The support team is available 24/7 in order to be able to maintain the more than 5000 servers.
The company has many agreements with internet operators and service providers, which ensures a very good quality of service and extended availability. The network’s configuration enables dynamic traffic and the permanent testing permits the selection of the optimal route for the information to achieve the right destination. If an operator has issues, another one takes its place guaranteeing the smooth operation of the network whose special structure helps in avoiding the dependency on a single device in case of a malfunction or breakdown. There are routing protocols that manage traffic conditions in an automated way so that the safety, reliability, and quality of the network is ensured. Moreover, the network’s configuration enables the websites’ visitors to approach the websites’ content from the closest point to the users, in this way the speed and the availability of the information are highly enhanced. Some of the many features of the company’s network are: compatible to IPV 6, has multiple bandwidth providers, duplication of link operators, network OSPF/BGP4 full-Mashhad, duplication of all network devices, network monitoring from internal and external tools.
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Activities and products of the web hosting target company

The company is looking to acquire an enterprise that has similar services and solutions such as:
  • Domain name
  • Dedicated server: NAS, Xeon, high-performance server
  • Cloud: public cloud, hybrid cloud, private cloud
  • Web hosting
  • Virtual server VPS
  • Outsourcing
  • R1SOFT backup
  • SSL certificates
Hosting solutions for:
  • Websites
  • E-commerce
  • Applications
  • Security
  • Storage
  • Messaging
  • Infrastructure

Highlights of the buyer for a web hosting company in France

  • The buyer is an established player in the French market in web hosting
  • The company has decided to expand its activities in France and the Benelux countries by acquiring an enterprise with similar services and products
  • Target companies should provide web hosting services, should have a solid portfolio of clients and should demonstrate a high potential for development

More information on this buyer for a web hosting company in France

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