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Software company in Portugal or Ireland wanted

Company to buy 

  • Size: tiny to medium sized business
  • Revenue: more than 0,5M EUR
  • Employees: not decisive
  • Location of the target: Ireland, Portugal, Europe
  • Reason for acquisition: The investor would like to own a software firm and make use of its growth potential using his experience in software companies
  • #CFIE ITB017

Overview of this buyer for software company in Ireland or Portugal

A general manager of an international software company is looking for investment opportunities in the technological sector. The investor is an individual with a long career in managing top technological and software companies, and he wants to find an acquisition opportunity. The investor is open to discussions about acquisition opportunities of tiny, small and also medium companies. The owner is capable to fund the acquisition by himself, but in case the target is larger, the buyer has resources to raise funding for acquisition from other sources.

Profile (strategy) of the buyer for this software company  

The buyer is a general manager of an international enterprise software company. This software company is a large company specialized mainly on cloud services which can automate, predict, digitize and optimize business processes and tasks, helping employees, users and customers of the client company. This company has following activities:

  • modernizing IT service management
  • eliminating service outages
  • software asset management
  • IT operations management
  • management of cloud sprawl
  • security threats eliminations
  • customer issues resolving
  • building business applications

The company provides services for industries like financial services, government, healthcare, education, life sciences etc. The company has a large team of more than 5 thousand employees worldwide and has a valuation of 1B EUR.

The investor is a long term general manager of this company and is interested in acquisition of a smaller software company. The investor is interested in coming in the company as CEO/Investor, rather than just Investor. The ideal target company, where this might work, is a company where owner is wanting to retire. Also, It would be good if a target is a company where Founder/CEO is very young and wants to remain involved, likely as a Chief Product Officer or similar.

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Activities and products of the target software company

The buyer is looking for an IT company operating a B2B enterprise software application, or developing and working on a similar B2B software. The target company should be based preferably in Portugal or Ireland, but the buyer is open to opportunities also from the other countries of Europe. The target company should be involved in:

  • Cloud services
  • Software development
  • IT Services
  • SaaS 

The revenue of the target is not decisive, though the investor is looking for growth potential rather than large existing revenue. The target needs to be already profitable, in special cases it can be very close to profitability. The investor is especially very interested in companies where the application is "workflow" oriented.  The company should have an established client base and an experienced team.

Highlights about this software company in Ireland and Portugal wanted

  • The buyer is an individual with strong expertise in the IT industry, and experience with leading top global software firm
  • The investor is looking for cloud, software development or SaaS company for acquisition
  • The investor wants to be involved in direct management of the company, not to become just a passive owner
  • The investor would prefer the target to be based in Portugal or Ireland, but will consider any opportunities from whole EU region

Information of this buyer for software company in Europe

Feel free to contact us for more information regarding this software company in Ireland, Portugal or other EU countries wanted or if you know possible interested or suited parties. For more buyers in the IT sector please visit the section ITS companies wanted. For companies for sale in the ITS or software industry please feel free visit the section IT companies for sale.