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Buyer for seals systems manufacturer in Europe

Company to buy

  • Size: Small to Medium
  • Revenue: 3-10 million Eur
  • Reason for acquisition: The Company has big experience of seal manufacturing and wants to expand more.
  • Location of the target: Europe
  • #CFIE MAB120

Overview of the buyer for seals systems manufacturer in Europe

The buyer is a leading manufacturer of seal systems with modern CNC machines and further develop the logistics, has been established in more than 20 years and aims to be the professional and leading sealing company in its area market that specializes in providing solutions to its customers.

Profile (strategy) of the buyer for seals systems manufacturer in Europe

The buying company is a manufacturer specializing in repairing and optimizing mechanical seals as well as agitators. The buyer designs and manufactures mechanical seals and special seals for gas and steam turbines, compressors (especially rotating piston, screw-, centrifugal compressors), pumps, mixer and agitators an many other applications where fluids, gases or steam need to be sealed. Due to advanced manufacturing machines, the company is able to offer the shortest lead times for new designed and produced parts.

Its manufacturing site offers almost 50.000 sq. ft., equipped with modern and the most advanced machinery. The buyer delivers successfully to the EU as well as to the United States. In recent years, it has been able to expand its clientele into the Pacific Economic Area.

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Activities and products 

The buying company offers quickest lead times, supported by engineers, designers and controlled by quality departments. Some of the company products : a bright variety of mechanical seals, carbon seals, graphite packing, graphite rings and graphite sealing systems for valves and other applications, and seal faces. As a manufacturer of sealing systems, the buyer also offers advanced packing systems. A variety of dynamical and statically packing systems is available.  

The company has a large inventory and variety of static gaskets; gaskets are manufactured by the company itself on rotary milling machines and 5- and 9-axis machining centres. A high-quality QM department monitors all processes. Thus, the company has a technologically high-quality material, as well as new and state-of-the-art machines.

Highlights for the buyer for seals systems manufacturer in Europe

  • The group seeks always for satisfied customers, development and growth, creative co-workers, healthy and safe environment.
  • The buyer is a strong, global platform for future add-on acquisitions.
  • The buyer currently has more than 16,000 m² of land and more than 4,500 m² of warehouses and production halls.
  • The buyer is well positioned for future growth.

Information about this buyer for seals systems manufacturer in Europe

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