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Buyer for refrigeration equipment manufacturer in Europe

Company to buy

  • Size: Small to Medium Size
  • Revenue: 5-50 Million EUR 
  • Location of the target: Europe
  • #CFIE MAB105

Overview of the buyer for Refrigeration equipment manufacturer in Europe 

The buyer is looking for a target specialized in Commercial retail refrigeration Essential to have a stable client base of retail chains. The buyer’s management is ready to receive offers from possible targets.

Profile (strategy) of the buyer for Refrigeration equipment manufacturer in Europe 

Established in more than 30 years, this company is one of the largest manufacturers in Eastern Europe, for production of commercial refrigerating and display systems.

The buyer is one of the most successful industrial companies on the market for commercial refrigeration equipment and refrigeration technologies. Impeccable manufacturing quality, cost-efficiency, high reliability and environmental friendliness of manufactured equipment allow the company to maintain the leadership positions.

This company offers the widest range of quality products: Equipment for stores, supermarkets and hypermarkets, Equipment for bazaars and Equipment for storage facilities 

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Activities and products 

Activities and products

This Buying Company manufactures several items in the range of commercial refrigeration equipment, including refrigerating cabinets and display cases, freezer chests and display cases, counters and cash desks, all-in-one cases, cooling glass chests and many other items.

Aside of production division, its design bureau actively researches and engineers the new models of equipment and improves the existing models in the range.

This company have excellent quality standards, which they follow to ensure that its products are up to date with the quality parameters set for them. Its products are manufactured by precision designs, which meets the requirements of a large sector of industries in affordable prices. These principles allowed the buyer company to take the lead in the market in a relatively short period.

Highlights for buyer for Refrigeration equipment manufacturer in Europe 

  • This company has multiple primary competitive advantages: Experienced R & D Department, large production capacity, and large product line.
  • Direct manufacturing personnel counts to over 600 skilled and trained workers and engineers.
  • This company service department assembles and repairs the following equipment: refrigerating display cases, freezing boxes, cash machine counters, refrigerating wall displays, aggregates, condensers, airs ducts and others. 

Information about this buyer for Refrigeration equipment manufacturer in Europe 

Feel free to contact us for more information regarding this buyer for refrigeration equipment manufacturer in Europe. Thanks to our expertise in the industry, we know dozens of equipment manufacturing companies available for sale. For more buyers of manufacturing companies, please visit the section manufacturing companies wanted. You can also check other companies for sale, to do so visit the section  manufacturing companies for sale.

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