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Buyer for a PET recycling company in Europe

Company to buy

  • Size: small- to large-sized business
  • Revenue: 2 – 30M EUR
  • Location of the PET recycling target company: Europe
  • Maximum investment amount: 10M Euro
  • Reason for acquisition: The management of a large international group with global operations has decided to acquire a company active in PET recycling business with extensive know-how in this sector
  • #CFIE PLB208

Overview of this buyer for a PET recycling company in Europe

The buyer, an Asian based industrial holding with multiple locations all over the world, is looking for a plastic recycling company to acquire in Europe. The buyer is looking for a target active mainly in the PET recycling business. The management of the buyer seeks to further consolidate the company’s experience and market presence in the PET recycling industry and is looking to buy companies in a similar sector. The management in interested in buying a majority stake as well as keeping the management team after the acquisition.

Profile (strategy) of this PET companies’ buyer

The buyer is a large manufacturer of plastic foams with a global presence and more than 300 years of history. The company designs and manufactures both semi-finished and finished products which are then used for impact energy management, insulation (both thermal and acoustical) and shock absorption.  

The company is financially very strong, with annual revenues number approaching 1 billion EUR. The buyer group has production plants in many countries including US, France, Germany, Korea, Singapore or China. The company is strong in the automotive sector and supplies material to more than 20M cars per year.

The buyers’ production finds many applications and they can be found for example in:

  • Automotive bumper systems
  • Automotive trunk systems
  • Foam sheets
  • Food applications
  • Etc.

The interested buyer already has a European footprint and is able to bring large experience and financial capability to its acquisition targets. The company has done multiple acquisitions over the last decades and leaves the targets with own management and strategy. 

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Activities and products of an ideal target of this buyer

The buyer is looking for a plastic recycling company that is located in Europe. Specifically, the company is interested in PET recycling companies. The company is looking for companies with high knowledge, established relationships and broad experience in the industry. 

The revenue of the target company should be ideally between 2M and 30M EUR, ideally growing every year. Any locations in EU are an opportunity and the owners will be happy to consider also non-EU investment opportunities. The buyer is able to bring multiple synergies to the target, including value chain complement, scale-up, global network, process know-how, R&D, B2B speciality, or strategic partnerships in the industry. The planned acquisition can start right away after finding a suitable target.

Highlights of this buyer for a PET recycling company in Europe 

  • The buyer is a large international group focused on plastics and engineered foam manufacturing.
  • The buyer is looking for targets with a strong expertise in PET recycling industry.
  • The buyer is financially strong and is ready to fund the acquisition of a small or large company.
  • The buyer is able to bring synergies to the target and will leave the target with its own strategy and management.

Information about this buyer for a PET recycling company in Europe

Feel free to contact us for more information regarding this PET recycling company buyer or if you know possible interested or suited parties. For more buyers of plastics companies please visit the section plastic companies wanted. For plastic companies for sale visit the section plastics companies for sale. For an overview of specific plastic recycling companies for sale, feel free to check the section plastic recicling companies for sale.