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Company to buy

  • Size: Small to mid-size branded OTC, food supplement, medical device  or consumer health company
  • Revenue: <30M EUR
  • Investment amount: <50M EUR
  • Location of the target company: Eastern / Western Europe
  • Own brands a must, but own manufacturing facilities not required. Marketing and sales of own branded products, e-commerce, R&D; international distribution exposure is nice to have. Looking for a financially strong company with EBITDA in excess of 15-20%
  • #CFIE PHB018

Overview of this buyer of OTC or medical device company

The OTC company was founded in the early 1990s growing to over 200€ million with offices in Eastern and Northern Europe as well as in the USA.  Manufacturer of a wide range of high-quality non-prescription products, with several leading OTC products in the home market and growing sales internationally. OTC product categories include cold and flu, cough, pain relief, children, allergy, vitamin, constipation, brain power boosters, and similar.

Profile (strategy) of this buyer of branded OTC company

The company puts patients and their needs first and takes action accordingly. Strong investment into brand building through innovative advertising is another key strategy. International expansion has also been a core company value, with current presence in several countries of Europe and in the USA plus a recent acquisition in Northern Europe. In the near future the company will move to a new location in the home market in order to accommodate strong sales growth and future expansion.

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Activities and products of an ideal target OTC, FS, Medical Device or Consumer Health Company

The ideal target this buyer is looking for should be a successful OTC, FS, Medical Device or Consumer Health company with strong brands, high EBITDA margins and experience in online sales. Export sales to or sales offices in Eastern or Western Europe would be a plus. Revenue could be of up to 30€ million.

Highlights of this buyer of branded OTC Company in Eastern / Western Europe

  • 200€ million + OTC group with strong brands
  • Targets sought in OTC, food supplement, medical device or consumer health
  • Interested in markets in both Eastern and Western Europe
  • The buyer is also open to purchase strong OTC brands

More information on this buyer of OTC medical device company

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