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Buyer for a metal parts manufacturer in Romania

Company to buy

  • Size: Small to Medium Size
  • Revenue: 5-30 M EUR
  • Reason for acquisition: buyer is looking for an acquisition to continue the company’s expansion plan in EuropeLocation of the target: Romania
  • #CFIE MAB113

Overview of the buyer for a metal Parts manufacturer in Romania

The buying company manufactures and distributes metal stamping products. The Company primarily markets a wide array of retainer rings for use in aerospace, automotive, manufacturing, and nearly all precision machinery industries throughout worldwide. The company is constantly working on developing new technologies and products for its customers in order to pass on the relevant technological lead to them. 

Profile (strategy) of the buyer for a metal Parts manufacturer in Romania

With a good history, the buyer has grown to become one of the world's leading manufacturers of fuse elements. The company’s current diverse product portfolio comprises more than 22,000 different articles, made of aluminium, steel, or stainless steel. On request also with different surface or special treatment processes. All products are made on tool units specifically developed for this purpose, with perfect precision and to the highest quality standards.

The company’s international clientele is made up of all conceivable areas: the automotive / aircraft and mechanical engineering industries are an integral part as well as the precision engineering and electro technical industries.

The company is constantly working on developing new technologies and products for its customers in order to pass on the relevant technological lead to them.

The company has customers come from every conceivable sector. In addition to the automotive and aircraft industries, the precision-mechanics and electrical engineering as well as medical-technology industries also rely on the precision and quality of the company’s products as well.

The company's international locations also allow it to be as close as possible to customers and to be closer to their demands. In consequence, the company has large data base clients so the target would benefit from access to large clients, which would help its economics.

The target and should have experience in the relevant field and preferably related to metal manufacturing.

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Activities and products

The investor is well established, and produces anything connected to the safety of moving parts. Retaining rings and lock washers, wire form parts, snap rings, stampings, fine blanking parts, bent wire parts, bent sheet metal parts, deep-drawn parts, turned and milled parts, die cast parts and valves - more than 125 billion units in all. Lined up, these precision parts would reach 20 times around the globe. The comprehensive product range is rounded off by high-performance, future-oriented safety elements for e-mobility, such as bursting discs and venting or bursting valves, with a dedicated series forming an integral part of valve technology.

Highlights for the buyer for a metal Parts manufacturer in Romania

  • The company offers its customers comprehensive development know-how, many years of technical competence and expertise, individual solution competence, quick order processing, highest precision, and reliable quality from a single source – for a secure future.
  • The buyer develops products with a true technological advantage, optimised in quality, sustainability, and cost-effectiveness.
  • The buyer is looking for target reaching a stable EBITDA in order to make use of potential synergies to continually improve production and services, as well as the products themselves. 

Information about this buyer for a metal Parts manufacturer in Romania

Feel free to contact us for more information regarding this buyer of metal parts manufacturer in Romania. To check if your company fits the requirement of this acquirer, please contact us. If this buyer does not fit your requirements feel free to visit section manufacturing companies wanted. If you are interested in manufacturing companies for sale please visit the section manufacturing companies for sale. I Our team knows several buyers of electrical companies in Europe.  We can help you find the right investor for your business. Please feel free to contact us if you own a similar company and looking for an investor.

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