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Buyer for a metal fabrication business in Poland

Company to buy

  • Size: small medium sized
  • Revenue: 330 million EUR
  • Location of the target: Poland
  • Reason for acquisition: buyer is looking for an acquisition to continue the company’s expansion plan in Europe
  • #CFIE MAB071

Overview of the buyer for a metal fabrication business in Poland

The buying company offers a variety of engineering services to clients by combining traditional manufacturing skills with advanced design and project management and production capabilities. This buyer aims to continue its expansion by doing more acquisitions in the field of Metal Fabrication business, manufacture and installation preferable, and promote the sustained growth of metal business industries through innovation. This company take its Factory production control extremely serious to ensure that all its products meet a leading standard.

Profile (strategy) of the metal fabrication business in Poland buyer

With a good history, the buyer has grown to become one of the located leading Mechanical and Structural Engineering companies. The company offers a range of engineering services to clients in Europe by providing complete end-to-end services in advanced Design, Engineering, BIM Modelling, Manufacturing and Installation. They serve a wide variety of industries including larges ones.

The investor specializes in mediation of Electrical & Mechanical Engineering in the Machine Building, Maritime, Oil & Gas and Offshore sector.

The buyer is seeking a manufacturing company specialising in bespoke steelwork solutions for many industries. They are looking to purchase a similar business that specialises in the more bespoke/custom elements.

The target and should have experience in the relevant field and preferably related to metal fabrication.

The company has large data base clients. The target would benefit from access to large clients, which would help its economics.

Contact this buyer of a metal fabrication business

Contact us to get details about this buyer of metal fabrication business now. Please describe us why you would be a suitable target.

Activities and products 

The investor is well established and specialized in Electrical Mechanical, Maintenance Services, Sales and Technical purchasing, Construction and Civil; and always aims to excel in finding matching opportunities for the technical specialists they passionately work for. Thanks to its personal guidance and specialization in Industry, they offer customized services. By combining highly skilled artisans and state of the art machinery and inventory control, the buyer’s strength lies in its ability to carry out non-standard projects involving design, manufacture and installation to suit both new and existing structures and plant arrangements in accordance with international standards.

Highlights for the metal fabrication business in Poland buyer

  • The buyer make sure to protect the environment, integrate environmental protection, energy saving, and safety.
  • The buyer is looking for target reaching a stable EBITDA and specialized in supplying the same manufacturing sector as the buyer, especially metal fabrication, in order to make use of potential synergies to continually improve production and services, as well as the products themselves.
  • For so many years, the buyer company have served clients across Europe and its project team provides full on-site installation to ensure clients receive theirs products. 

Information about this buyer for a metal fabrication business in Poland

Feel free to contact us for more information regarding this buyer metal fabrication business in Poland. To check if your company fits the requirement of this acquirer, please contact us. Our team knows several buyers of electrical companies in Europe.  We can help you find the right investor for your business. Please feel free to contact us if you own a similar company and looking for an investor. 

 If this buyer does not fit your requirements feel free to visit section manufacturing companies wanted . If you are interested in manufacturing companies for sale please visit the section manufacturing companies for sale. 

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