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Buyer for an industrial chemicals distributor in Europe

Company to buy

  • Size: medium or large companies
  • Preferred location of the target: Europe, preferably Eastern Europe
  • Revenue: 3-30 million EUR
  • Employees of the target: min 10
  •  EBITDA target: min 100.000 EUR
  • #CFIE CHB040

Overview of this buyer for an industrial chemicals distributor in Europe

The buyer is specialized in the distribution of raw materials, polymers, polymer additives, coatings and similar chemicals to representatives of the food and pharmaceutical industries, compounding companies, polymer producers etc. Currently, they are following an acquisition strategy, which counts with multiple acquisitions in Eastern Europe.  Feel free to contact us if you want to know more about this buyer and its acquisition intentions.

Profile (strategy) of this buyer for chemicals distributor

The primary goal of the buyer is to buy up the majority of the shares of the distribution company in Eastern Europe, which would bring strong synergies to both companies. The buyer is a professional distributor of industrial chemicals and plastics with almost 20 years of history. The company’s clients include big international companies from the chemical, pharma or food sector.

The buyer company is financially strong and capable of an acquisition of a target with up to 30 million EUR in revenue. The buyer would finance the acquisition (size 2 million+) out of its own private and corporate funds. In the case of larger acquisition, bank financing would be used using the buyer's partner banks from Switzerland.

The buyer has already made some acquisitions in Europe and Russia before. The buyer has successfully integrated these companies into the structure.

Contact this buyer of a chemicals distributor

Contact us to get details about this buyer of industrial chemicals distribution companies in Eastern Europe

Activities and products of the target 

The buyer is looking for a successful industrial chemicals or plastics distributor in Europe. Geographically the buyer is looking at the whole of Europe, however Eastern European companies are preferable. The best case would be if the target is located in Poland as it close enough to the buyer's location. The target should be active in the distribution of e.g.:

  • Industrial chemistry
  • Polymers
  • Specialty chemicals
  • Food additives
  • PVC additives

The buyer is looking at distributors with well-established customer portfolio, manufacturers are not suitable. The target must have existing contracts with well-known international companies, or have a large number of small but stable clients.

The target should have approximately 10-50 employees in an ideal case, with revenue exceeding 10 million EUR. However, smaller targets will also be an option.

It would be of great value if the company is involved in the packaging sector.

Highlights of this industrial chemicals distributor in Europe wanted

  • The buyer is a large chemical distribution company with access to top-level companies
  • The buyer has a strong footprint in Eastern Europe, which they want to extend
  • The target should preferably be a distributor with well-known international companies as customers

Information about this buyer for an industrial chemicals distributor 

Feel free to contact us for more information regarding this buyer of the industrial chemicals distribution company or if you know possible interested or suited parties. Please contact us also if you want to know more about other chemical companies’ buyers. We know the chemical industry in Europe. For more chemical company buyers, visit the section chemical companies buyers on our page. For more chemical companies for sale, visit the section chemical companies for sale.

Note: CFIE only works with formal companies. We do get a lot of requests and it is difficult to follow up on all inquiries from visitors to our website. For each company, we assess the likelihood of a future transaction. We only get back to you if we see a realistic opportunity to do a future acquisition or business sale. In order to increase your chances of receiving a reply as an individual, please explain as much as possible about your personal background, strategy and fit with the target. There is also a possibility that your details will be kept on file and we will get back to you once there is an opportunity to do a transaction. CFIE can’t guarantee you will receive an answer to your request.