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Buyer for a hosting company in the Netherlands

Hosting company in the Netherlands to buy 

  • Size: Tiny
  • Revenue: 0.2–2 million EUR
  • Employees: Not a decisive factor
  • Location of the target: The Netherlands/Belgium
  • Reason for acquisition: The company is a hosting enterprise and wants to enlarge its activity by acquiring a similar company. The owners are ready to talk with interested sellers
  • #CFIE ITB050

Overview of the buyer for a hosting company in the Netherlands  

The company is a hosting enterprise looking to expand its activity in Europe by enlarging its network of clients. The strategy of the management is to buy another company that has similar products and a large and stable portfolio of clients. The target company should ideally be located in the Netherlands or Belgium and should have registered a turnover between 0.2 and 2 million euros. The buyer is flexible in establishing the deal’s requirements and is able to demonstrate a commitment to the growth of the future business. The buyer has the necessary funds to support the deal.  

Profile (strategy) of the buyer for a hosting company in the Netherlands  

The buyer company is active in the market in the Netherlands, and is well known for its hosting and programming services, ensuring reliable, stable servers and internet connections to clients worldwide. For some clients, it is convenient to have both the hosting and the programming from the same provider. The buyer likes to build stable, fast and rich platforms in order to offer optimization and stability to its hosting clients. The company's staff works worldwide, from Europe to India and North America. The flexibility of working hours offers clients the possibility to have support 24/7  that can be ensured in many languages. The data centers and server locations are also spread out throughout the world. The company manages servers in Germany, England, Ireland, the Netherlands, the USA, Canada, Brazil, Asia, and South Africa. It is important to not depend on just a single data center. Moreover, websites can be hosted very close to the website's visitors, this ensures the highest speed for website function. Speed, security and stability is the main focus of the company.  
In terms of server services, the company provides shared servers, VPS, dedicated servers and cloud servers. The bigger the number of visitors for the website, the greater the need for hardware. Shared servers are useful for websites with less than 500 visitors per day. Besides the website with the domain name hosting, this offer also includes mail, cPanel, statistics and software like WordPress. VPS is safer than the shared option, the resources are separated, hence the risk of the site going down is lower. A dedicated server is a suitable option for a website that has more than 1000 visitors per day. A client has a whole server for themselves, having total control and all the server's resources at their disposal. The configuration and the maintenance can be kept by the client or can be managed by the server provider. A cloud server is the latest stage in hosting, and it is made with the purpose of avoiding any possible failure in connection or server functionality. If one disk or memory fails, they are automatically disconnected and replaced in the platform with other ones without affecting the website's running activity due to a whole range of interconnected CPUs.  
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Activities and products of the software target company

The company is looking to acquire a hosting company that delivers similar products and solutions such as:
  • Cloud servers
  • Dedicated servers
  • Shared hosting
  • Domain names
  • E-mail hosting
Solutions for:
  • Software: Office 365, Magento 
  • Performance: Caching, CDN, speed optimization
  • Security: DDOS, hack prevention

Highlights of the buyer for a hosting company in the Netherlands  

  • The buyer is a hosting company operating in Europe and globally 
  • The company has a strategy of expanding its activities by acquiring a similar company in the Netherlands or Belgium 
  • Target companies should have a solid portfolio of clients and should demonstrate a clear potential for growth 

Information about this buyer for a hosting company in the Netherlands  

Feel free to contact us for more information regarding this hosting company in the Netherlands wanted or if you know possible interested or suitable parties. For more buyers in the IT sector, please visit the section ITS companies wanted. For companies for sale in the ITS or software industry, please feel free to visit the section IT companies for sale.

Note: CFIE only works with formal companies. We do get a lot of requests and it is difficult to follow up on all inquiries  from visitors to our website. For each company, we assess the likelihood of a future transaction. We only get back to you if we see a realistic opportunity to do a future acquisition or business sale. In order to increase your chances of receiving a reply as an individual, please explain as much as possible about your personal background, strategy and fit with the target. There is also a possibility that your details will be kept on file and we will get back to you once there is an opportunity to do a transaction. CFIE can’t guarantee you will receive an answer to your request.