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  • Size: Small business
  • Sales: 3-15 million EUR
  • EBITDA: 1-4 million EUR
  • Location: Europe
  • Reason for acquisition: The management wants to expand their business
  • #CFIE PHB225

Overview of the buyer for skin care manufacturers in Western Europe

The buyer is a European health and beauty company focused on innovation. It offers a wide portfolio of cosmetic, skin, fragrance, and oral care brands and products. Its focus is on developing and providing a diverse portfolio of safe and effective solutions. The buyer is focused on fostering an entrepreneurial spirit, growth, and innovative values.

Profile (strategy) of the buyer for skincare manufacturers in Western Europe

The company’s strategy is centered around providing a full-service manufacturing solution, using the latest equipment to produce a wide range of high-quality products and medical devices with scale flexibility. It provides contract manufacturing services that enable business owners to expand their businesses easily. Expert teams are dedicated to optimizing and developing customer-focused products and fulfilling timescales. The creation of innovative private brands that fulfill consumer demands and trends is a key advantage of the company. The company fully addresses idea discussion, product conception and development, product quality and registration, packaging, manufacturing and filling, and packing and supply chain concerns. Research and development services are a key offering, articulating market trends with the latest inputs and ideas for product development, which is an area that the company that has an award-winning track record. The company offers full R&D services, from brand conception and development, through insights and trends, project management, analytical testing, and global sourcing through to engineering and equipment concerns.

The company works with state-of-the-art technology and has hands-on experience that enables it to solve technological challenges and innovate with ease. Its manufacturing and filling capabilities and high production capacity are key factors in delivering products in time for the health, beauty, and self-care sectors. Sourcing expertise, infrastructure, and personnel as well as quality assurance are paramount.
The company provides manufacturing of bulk products, filling and packaging, testing services (QC, pH, viscosity, density, microbiological, PET and stability), autoclave sterilization, and medical device production services.

Packaging goods include tubes, bottles, and pots, plastic and glass sustainable packaging, printing, and labeling.
Skin care products include face moisturizers, day and night anti-aging creams, lotions, face serums, eye creams, BB creams, sensitive skin care, SPF moisturizers, toners, micellar waters, make-up removers, baby and mom care, acne products, exfoliating creams, peel-off masks, male skincare products, shampoos and conditioners, shower and exfoliating gels, hand soap, and body wash products.

Sun care products include self-tanning products, tanning mousses, lotions, sprays, mists, drops, oils, waters and serums, gradual tan products, tan removers, instant tans, SPF products, physical or mineral SPF, chemical SPFs, broad-spectrum and children’s SPFs.
Fragrance products include parfum, eau de parfum, de toilette, de cologne and eau fraiche, room spray and diffusers. Fragrances are increasingly being used in order to boost mood and well-being, as well as aesthetics.

Oral care products include mainly toothpaste for sensitive teeth, whitening, total protection, bad breath, children’s toothpaste, and mouthwashes.
In the medical device sector, the company works as a legal manufacturer of gels and sprays and is equipped with a medical device production area, as well as autoclave sterilization activities.

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Activities and products of a suitable target

The buyer is looking for companies with capabilities such as contract manufacturing with new machinery or large operational capabilities, confirmed R&D innovation capabilities, and formulation companies in skin care, sun care, and fragrances, including new formats such as waterless beauty, encapsulation, and refillable products. Sales, marketing, brand development, and distribution companies are also potential targets, especially those that have digital marketing and branding capabilities. Sustainable packaging companies are also desirable targets.

Highlights for the buyer for skin care manufacturers in Western Europe

  • Two decades in the skin care, sun care, and self-care business
  • +120 employees
  • Expertise in diverse input management
  • 30 million units/year production capacity
  • +40,000 square feet large production site
  • Global shipping and delivery capabilities
  • A trusted company by global health and beauty brands
  • ISO 22716 and ISO 13485, environmental and organic certifications

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