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Buyer for an ice cream manufacturer in Southern Europe

Company to buy

  • Located: Southern Europe 
  • Revenue: 2-20 million EUR
  • Industry: food
  • Reason for acquisition: This buyer is expanding its ice cream business in Southern Europe.
  • #CFIE FOB039

Overview of this buyer for an ice cream manufacturer in Southern Europe

This buyer produces ice cream and is ready to invest in food industry in Southern Europe, especially in the ice cream market. Ice-creams and frozen desserts are frozen foods traditionally eaten as snacks and desserts. 

The global ice cream market was valued at 68 million USD in 2016, and is projected to reach 97 million USD by 2023. In Europe the demand for ice-creams which are low on fats, have natural ingredients and yet don’t compromise on taste and indulgence is growing.

This buyer is family business based in South America and has world recognition thanks to providing the best quality ice cream with state-of-the-art technology. This family business never uses preservatives or any other chemical additives to make sure they can offer premium ice crems to their customers. 

Profile (strategy) of this buyer for an ice cream manufacturer in Southern Europe

This buyer would like to acquire an ice cream manufacturer in Southern Europe. This buyer’s business focuses on creating the best artisanal ice cream and continouosly improving its services with new inspirations. 

They work with several franchise partners to support people in making healthier food choices but still enjoy flavours and traditional tastes. They are very interested in companies manufacturing ice creams and frozen desserts. They will evaluate all suitable targets. 

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Activities and products of a suitable target

This buyer is interested to acquire a company:

  • with revenue 2 – 20 million EUR;
  • located in Southern Europe;
  • preferred countries: Italy and Spain;
  • is involved in production and distribution of ice cream products, frozen desserts, mainly in retail.
  • the target company must have all necessary permits to produce ice cream on international standards for the frozen food industry.

Highlights for this buyer for an ice cream manufacturer in Southern Europe

  • This buyer wants to invest in Southern Europe, preferably in Italy and Spain.
  • This buyer is looking for ice cream manufacturers to expand its ice cream business. 
  • This buyer would like to find target companies with annual revenue 2-20 million EUR and experience in ice cream manufacturing and distribution.
  • The management is considering every opportunity which meets the requirements above.

Information about this buyer for an ice cream manufacturer in Southern Europe

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