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Buyer for food ingredients manufacturer in Europe

Company to buy

  • Located: Europe
  • Revenue: 5-50 million EUR
  • Industry: food ingredients production
  • Reason for acquisition: This buyer is expanding its food business in Europe.
  • #CFIE FOB015

Overview of this buyer for a food ingredients producer in Europe

This buyer is planning on acquiring companies in Europe. They have more than 55 years experience in food ingredients production. Thanks to its history this buyer is well-known in its home country. The product range starts from brown sugar, dairy products, oils, wheat products, powder products to various candies. The annual revenue is appr. 170 million EUR and the company has more than 950 employees. This buyer represents a group of 9 profitable companies with great experience in producing food ingredients. 

Profile (strategy) of this buyer for a food ingredients producer in Europe

This  buyer is looking for food ingredients producers in Europe, for example in Germany, Austria, Denmark, Spain and Italy and the Netherlands. This buyer has wholesale and retail business as well and different facilities:

  • retail business for bakery & pastery;
  • sugar packaging and cube sugar, brown sugar production and wholesale;
  • confectionary production;
  • milk powder, infant nutrition, packaged milk, cheese & ice cream production;
  • powder mix packaging and IML packaging.

To ensure the high quality the company uses premium raw materials and imported products. As this buyer is not only producing food ingredients but packaging and distributing them, the production is very effective, the customers can rely on precision and stability. The buyer wants to expand in Europe and cover food ingredients production more. Modern technology and state-of-art equipments are keys to this buyer’s productivity and strong customer relationships worldwide. 

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Activities and products of a suitable target

The buyer is currently looking at food ingredients producers in Europe:

  • revenue between 5-50 million EUR,
  • located in Europe,
  • preferred countries: Germany, Austria, Spain, Italy, Denmark and the Netherlands,
  • industry: food,
  • specialized in producing food ingredients,
  • special knowledge: starch production, cacao production, milk protein production, dairy plants with spray dryers.

Highlights for this buyer for a food ingredients producer in Europe

  • This buyer is looking for food ingredients producers that receive great recognition in its home countries,
  • This well-known buyer has more than 55 years’ experience.
  • This buyer would like to invest in starch production, cacao production and milk protein production mainly. 
  • The buyer is seeking for a profitable food ingredients producer in Europe to strengthen its presence in Europe. 

Information about this buyer for a food ingredients producer in Europe

Feel free to contact us for more information regarding this buyer of food ingredients manufacturers in Europe or if you know possible interested or suited parties. For more buyers of companies in Europe, please visit the section companies wanted. For other companies for sale visit the section companies for sale.

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