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Buyer for a fan manufacturer in Europep

Company to buy

  • Size: Small Meduim Size
  • Revenue 2-10 million EUR 
  • Location of the target: Europe
  • Reason for acquisition: The Company is expanding its reach in fans engineering.
  • #CFIE MAB096

Overview of the buyer for a fan manufacturer in Europe

The buyer started its activities more than 10 years ago, as a manufacturer that successfully reflects the power of engineering in the ventilation industry. Wanting to make a difference in the sector since its establishment, the buyer aimed to offer solutions by combining world standards in technology and innovation with cost advantage. The buyer is looking for a an opportunity to take over and ready for an acquisition.

Profile (strategy) of the buyer for a fan manufacturer in Europe

The buyer is leading company that manufactures fans for tunnels, parking facilities and all kind of structures. The company manufactures fan systems for many international and domestic projects, including prestigious structures such as ongoing tunnel constructions, city hospitals and Airports.

One of the main goals determined by the buying company in its establishment is to be the leading engineering company in the area in the field of fan engineering by sharing the knowledge and experience it has accumulated with the sector. In this direction, The Company prepares technical bulletins and offers them to the service of the sector in order to provide some information about theory and practice about fan engineering.

The company is responsible for big structures through its ventilation services, to meet the building energy efficiency and energy consumption performance standards, to be environmentally friendly and green buildings, by producing all parking and block fans. The company proves its engineering and production quality with its accredited test laboratories and certification infrastructure reveals that it is a strong competitor in international mega projects.

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Activities and products 

The buying company is a leader in ventilation industry, working in several fields like Parking ventilation Systems, Highway Tunnel Ventilation systems, Metro and railway ventilation systems, Tunnel Excavation, Stair pressurization, Elevator pressurization systems etc. The company covers also a large range of products: Axial Fans, Smoke Exhaust fans, Duct type fans, Bathroom fans, Cell aspirators, Dampers, Accessories etc. The buyer created a strong R&D infrastructure. It handled and adopted R&D as a universal culture. After fire, smoke and pressurization fans, jet fans, subway and tunnel fans, axial fans, EC fans, shelter ventilation fans, roof and duct type fans to bathroom fans, the company completed the fan product group.

Highlights for the buyer for a fan manufacturer in Europe

  • The buyer has established an accredited fan-testing laboratory, a great importance for the sector, as a result of its R&D efforts in the last years. This certificate has enabled the company to verify the quality of the products it manufactures at world standards.
  • The buyer commitment to R&D and the adaptation of its products to the needs of each client have made the buying company a benchmark at European and global level.

Information about this buyer for a fan manufacturer in Europe

Feel free to contact us for more information regarding this buyer for a fan manufacturer in Europe. To check if your company fits the requirement of this acquirer, please contact us. We can help you find the right investor for your business. For more buyers of companies in Europe please visit the manufacturing companies wanted For other companies for sale visit the section manufacturing companies for sale. We know the M&A market in Europe and we can help you realize your acquisition plans. 

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