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Company to buy

  • Size: small sized
  • Revenue: 1-5millon EUR 
  • Valuation: 1.5 million EUR 
  • Investment amount : 1million EUR 
  • Location of the target: Europe
  • #CFIE MAB061

Overview of the equipment manufacturing company in Europe buyer

leading turnkey company
in India working for Pharma, Chemical industries
has reached out to an advisor for help with an
identification of a suitable company to acquire. The target should be
financially healthy (not in a declining state) and have a positive EBITDA and
work in Equipment manufacturing, Pharma, Food & Chemical Industries, with
specific activities: Manufacturing of Process equipment’s, Powder Handling
Equipment’s and with a preferred knowledge/experience: 5 years

Profile (strategy) of the buyer of an equipment manufacturing company in Europe 

Established in more than 10
years, this company is the leading manufacturer of a wide range of Drag Tube
and Screw Conveyor, Conical and Ribbon Blender, Bag Filling Machine, Bin
Lifter, etc. These products are well recognized among clients for their
sturdiness, wear resistant, rustproof finishing, ergonomic designs and precise
controls due to their fabrication being done by using high-end technology. This
company range of products is known for their precision designing and adaption
of the latest technology, which helps them in meeting their client’s needs
& requirements.

This company is aware of the
progress of the industry; this is why it is extending its maintenance free
products at impartial price scales. Its work area is equipped with robust
infrastructure facilities. Moreover, they have gained huge clientele base by
supplying these products in tamper proof packaging with utmost assurance of in
time deliverance.

With teamwork and the effectual adeptness of the workers in this domain,
this firm is achieving heights of achievement; this buyer has been able to
maintain long-term ventures with clients with uttermost satisfaction.

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Activities and products of a suitable target

This company is a leader in
offering customized solutions in material handling and Powder Transfer Systems.
It is a designer, manufacturer & supplier of bag dumping station, big bag
discharge, blending technology, milling technology, mechanical conveyors, dust
collection system, delumper, screw conveyor, drying technology, feeding
technology, mixing technology & rotary airlock valve.

This company have excellent quality standards, which they follow to
ensure that its products are up to date with the quality parameters set for
them. Its products are manufactured by precision designs, which meets the
requirements of a large sector of industries. For maintaining the quality
standards in its products, the buyer possess services of experienced quality
experts, who keep themselves with pace according to the changing technology.

The process steps include Reception of the raw materials, Pneumatic
Conveying, Feeding, Mixing processes, Filling, and Automation.

Highlights for the equipment manufacturing company buyer

  • This company has multiple primary competitive
    advantages: Experienced R & D Department, large production capacity, and
    large product line.

  • This company offers a solution for supplying unloading, conveying, mixing
    and packaging projects/products for the processing of bulk materials

  • This company products are fast ROI, low maintenance costs and high
    availability of the systems.

  • Customization
    facility, hardworking team, hassle free delivery, ethical business practices,
    uncompromising quality products are the factors that have helped this company
    in reaching top success.

Information about this buyer for an equipment manufacturing company in Europe 

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