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Company to buy

  • Size: small business
  • Revenue: 1-5 million EUR
  • Location of the target manufacturer: CEE region
  • Reason for acquisition: The owner of the buyer company works with fuels and is primarily interested in manufacturers with blending capabilities for highly flammable products
  •  #CFIE MAB007

Overview of this buyer for a chemical blending and manufacturing company

A dynamic and young chemical company has decided to expand and find a manufacturer of chemical blends by M&A. The buyer is looking for a subject, which is able to manufacture, store or deal with flammable products such as fuel. 

Profile (strategy) of this buyer of chemical blending and manufacturing companies

The buyer is a young SME operating in the chemical industry. The main activity of the buyer is fuel distribution and full service for the industry dealing with fuels of all kinds.  The company has an in-house capability to formulate, manufacture and distribute various kinds of fuels. Apart from this, the buyer also has activities in event refueling and analysis.

The main specialization and added value of the buyer is in racing and professional fuels. The company supplies motorsport events and racing car competitions. The complex service for the customers includes meeting safety, environmental and legislative requirements with both transport and storage of fuels.

The buyer is recognized in this niche industry as one of the top 5 companies and innovators in the region. The customers of the company are top racing car clubs or companies. The company has more than 10 years of experience.

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Activities and products of the ideal chemical target company

The company is interested primarily in chemical blending, storage or manufacturing companies, preferably already active in the fuel business, although this is not a requirement. The target should be capable in blending of highly flammable products. 

Geographically, it would be preferred if the target was based in CEE:

  • Poland
  • Slovakia
  • Romania
  • Bulgaria
  • Hungary

The number of employees of the target should preferably be under 20, and the revenue under 5 million EUR, as the funds for the acquisitions are limited. However, the buyer is more interested in assets than current business.

The amount available for acquisition is approximately  500,000 EUR with upwards valuations only in case of interesting projects with a combination of external financing. In that case, up to 1 million EUR valuations will be considered. 

Specific activities of the potential target may include (not a requirement):

  • Toll blending
  • Toll manufacturing (liquids)
  • Bulk flammable liquids storage
  • Glue manufacturing
  • Solvents distribution
  • Paint manufacturing

The target company would need to be in the EU, because of licensing and legal reasons. An EMCS storage license would be preferred.

Highlights of the chemical blending company buyer

  • The buyer is a young dynamic company with acquisition options of up to 1 million EUR
  • The buyer is ready to acquire businesses with revenue up to 5 million per year 
  • The target would need to be from the EU countries because of easier fuel distribution and harmonized transport regulations

Information about this chemical blending business wanted in Europe

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