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Company to buy

  • Size: medium or large-sized businesses
  • Revenue: 5-30 million EUR
  • The preferred location of the target: any country of Europe
  • Reason for acquisition: The management of the buyer is following its strategic plan, which includes inorganic growth in Europe through M&A add-ons
  • #CFIE CHB048

Overview of this buyer of aroma chemical manufacturers in Europe

The buyer, a large manufacturer and distributor of top-quality flavors, fragrances and perfume essences for cosmetics and cleaning materials based in the Middle East, is looking for acquisitions. In this way, the company wants to grow in the European market. The company is backed by a large group of companies which would back the buyer company financially. The buyer management is able to offer the target companies an opportunity to grow under the well-established international group of companies.

Profile (strategy) of this buyer of aroma, flavors or fragrances manufacturing companies

The buyer is global flavors and fragrances compounding house with multiple locations in the Middle East and Europe. The buyer has a diverse portfolio of products and solutions which are based on considerable know-how and experience, and a broad customer base, and has exhibited impressive growth rates in recent years while improving its profitability margin.

The company is one of the strongest chemical distribution companies in the F&F industry sector, but it plans to even more strengthen its market position. The buyer has over 20 years of history and is well known in the flavors and fragrances compounding industry.

The buyer has an international presence, and it has already completed multiple acquisitions in Europe.

The buyer is able to bring many synergies to the target, as the buyer group is led by strong leadership, employs a large number of professional perfumers and flavorists as well as chemists. The sales and marketing team of the buyer is located across 3 continents. Its current locations all consult with one another regularly to maximize the potential of the group know-how and leverage the synergies between all locations thus enabling the growth of each individual site as well as the group overall.

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Activities and products of a suitable target

The buyer is looking either for a:

  • Flavor and fragrances manufacturer,
  • Flavor and fragrance compounding company,
  • Aroma Chemicals manufacturer or
  • Essential oils manufacturer.

The company must have its own manufacturing facilities, companies specialized only in distribution will not be of interest. The target should have knowledge of a local chemical market and a well-established customers network.

The target should be based in Europe (or have a significant presence there) and its revenue should exceed 3 million EUR. The target should possess a track record of consistent growth and profitability. 

The buyer can finance the acquisition out of its own funds. 

Highlights of this aroma chemical companies’ buyer

  • The buyer is a large chemical company with an extensive market presence on multiple continents
  • The buyer is following an active M&A approach and plans to acquire an F&F or aroma business in a short time
  • The target should have at least 3 million EUR in revenue and have its own manufacturing location

Information about this buyer of aroma chemical manufacturers in Europe

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