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App development buyer in Europe

App development company in Europe to buy 

  • Size: small
  • Revenue: 2-20M EUR
  • Employees: not decisive
  • Location of the target: Europe 
  • Reason for acquisition: The company is an app development organization activating in Europe and globally. It has a strategy for growing its operations in Europe via acquisitions, therefore the management is open to speaking to interested sellers
  • #CFIE ITB075

Overview of the App development buyer in Europe  

The company is an app development enterprise that has operations worldwide. The group has an active search program for new acquisitions to develop the business in Europe. The management has already experience in acquisitions and keeps a permanent allocation of dedicated amounts of funds for new deals. The company’s representatives would be interested to learn more about possibilities to discussing with interested sellers from app development field. The companies to buy should have a solid position on the market and an efficient process of building app products.

Profile (strategy) of the App development buyer in Europe  

This buyer for app development companies is on the market for more than 10 years and through companies acquisitions that it made, it managed to have a global presence and be an important player in regions such as Europe, Asia and the US. In Europe has offices in cities such as London, Berlin, Amsterdam, Prague and Copenhagen. It employs globally more than 700 people that are specialized in development, designing and advising. The organization's strategy is to continue to buy other companies and grow in order to become the most relevant player for digital transformation market. To achieve its goal, it is important to remain at the forefront of technology and so the group allocates large amounts of funds for investing in new technologies and frameworks that will be used in developing robust and scalable solutions for businesses. This digital product development agency will assist its clients through each step of project development: strategy, planning, design, coding, testing, deployment, monitoring and maintenance. The company knows the speed of delivering a project is very important, that is why it can manage in 5 days to go all the way from strategy to app prototype.
Developing a cutting-edge mobile app is a tested process that is based on an agile methodology. In each field of activity, the work is done in-house by specialists that have the focus to provide transparency and fast progress. Design & User Experience services ensure that the product is visually appealing and at the same time it is technical feasible. The company's philosophy is based on putting the user in the centre of attention. By enabling an intuitive user-experience the product becomes easy to use and encourages for repeated utilization. An agile IT architecture helps organizations to calibrate their business. The company's solutions architects look very carefully at Tech stack, development process or other related areas and make sure that all components of the IT infrastructure fit with the development and goals of the business. Depending on the scope of the project, the company has two ways of dealing with solution architecture, one for new projects and one for clients that already have IT projects. In the end, the company enables digital transformation and prepares strategies that make companies more agile and cost effective.
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app development company in Europe

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Activities and products of the App development target company

The buyer is looking to acquire a company that operates in the same activity and has similar services such as: 
  • Mobile Apps Development
  • Digital Transformation
  • Design & User Experience
  • Design Strategy
  • Build up IT solutions Architecture
  • Web Development
  • Quality Assurance
  • Maintenance
  • Consulting

Highlights of the App development buyer in Europe  

  • The buyer is a productive app development enterprise with global operations 
  • The company has decided to enlarge its activities in Europe and is looking to buy another company with similar activities and services
  • Target companies should have efficient ways for building app products 

Information of this App development buyer in Europe  

Feel free to contact us for more information regarding this App development company in Europe wanted or if you know possible interested or suited parties. For more buyers in the IT sector please visit the section ITS companies wanted. For companies for sale in the ITS or software industry please feel free to visit the section ITS companies for sale.

Note: CFIE only works with formal companies. We do get a lot of requests and it is difficult to follow up on all inquiries  from visitors to our website. For each company, we assess the likelihood of a future transaction. We only get back to you if we see a realistic opportunity to do a future acquisition or business sale. In order to increase your chances of receiving a reply as an individual, please explain as much as possible about your personal background, strategy and fit with the target. There is also a possibility that your details will be kept on file and we will get back to you once there is an opportunity to do a transaction. CFIE can’t guarantee you will receive an answer to your request.