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In this section an overview of articles concerning the Bulgarian M&A market. The M&A advisors of Corporate Finance in Europe monitor the M&A developments of the Bulgarian market closely and know what is happening. Bulgaria is a country where the CFIE team has good search capabilities for possible M&A targets. We are also strong in exclusive sell side mandates of medium sized Bulgarian businesses. Here, we try to show what is happening in the Bulgarian M&A market.

Overview of M&A articles

M&A Market Bulgaria 2014

Almost all business sectors in Bulgaria grew throughout 2014, although modestly. The only exception are financial services. Value added in the financial services sector dropped by 1.4% compared to the last year. In other sectors growth ranged from 0.4% to almost 3% compared to 2013. To read more about the M&A market in Bulgaria ....

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M&A market in Bulgaria in 2013

M&A trends in 2013 globally. The world M&A sector continued a slightly downward trend in 2013. While the number of transactions stayed in the same level as 2012, the total deal volume decreased 3.2% according to Mergermarket’s annual report. The total volume was in 2013 2,215.1 B$. European M&A deals valued at US$ 631.6bn dropped 12% compared to 2012 (US$ 717.8bn) and showed a second annual decline.

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