Types of buyers when selling your Bulgarian company

Who will buy your Bulgarian company ?

There are different type of buyers that will be interested in buying your Bulgarian company at the moment you sell. At the moment you want to sell you should know already who the best type of buyer will be for your company. We mainly deal with international buyers that are interested in entering the Bulgarian market. Below we describe more about the possibilities of selling your Bulgarian company to international investors. Before starting to sell your company it is important you are well prepared. Visit the preparation of selling my business for important aspects on the sale of your company and how to be best prepared when you start talking to interested buyers.

Buyers for your Bulgarian company

There is a few type of buyers that that exist in the Bulgarian market. Within these groups of buyers there is still a large variety of companies. Allocating your possible buyers to these groups can give you an idea who to go after at the moment when selling your company. There is growing investment interest from investors from the East: Russia, Turkey, China - which revealed a special credit line of 10 billion dollar for a cooperative investment projects in the infrastructure and in technologies in East Europe and a fund for an investment partnership in amount of 500 Million Dollars and others. These buyers are expected to increase in importance compared to the European investors and gradually become a larger part(in a %) of total buyers.

European buyers are interested in acquiring companies in Bulgaria. There is a large number of European companies willing to outsource production to Bulgaria to realize production at lower costs. Instead of Greenfield investments we see acquisitions as a very interesting alternative for companies to get a foothold quicker. Please get in touch if you want to learn more about European buyers interested in buying Bulgarian companies.

The number of financial investors (private equity funds) which are looking for investment in Bulgaria decreased substantially after the economics crisis for two reasons: the majority of the firms which are on the market were in financial difficulty and the funds do not want to invest so much resources in restructuring of such companies. The second reason is that they became much more conservative in their valuations, which do not meet the expectations of the owners of the good companies. Gradually we expect this to improve again and we will see Private Equity groups be interested again in buying Bulgarian companies.

Different type of buyers for your company

In general there is a few type of buyers that can be suited for your company. These buyers can be your family or children. We mostly deal with strategic buyers and private equity companies. Buyers can also be portfolio companies of Private Equity groups that want to grow via a buy and build strategy. Selling to management or employees (MBO) or other individuals (MBI) is also an option. There are many questions that determine which type of buyer will be most suited for company. If you want to learn more about the different type of buyers, their characteristics and when you should choose which type of buyer visit the section on who will buy your company.

Information about possible buyers for your Bulgarian company

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions concerning the possible type of buyers for your Bulgarian company. We have advisors that can give you a good idea on who the best buyer for your Bulgarian company is. We are happy to share this knowledge and give you some free advice on what to consider when looking for the right type of buyer for your company.