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The sale of a Belgium furniture company

Our M&A advisors have a long track record in Belgium business sales. At the same time we are backed by an European team of M&A experts. Our furniture M&A advisor in Belgium helps furniture business owners in a sale of their business. Our main activity is to help medium size and larger furniture firms in Belgium with a sale to international buyers.

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How to sell a furniture business in Belgium

Should a M&A advisor know the furniture industry you operate in?We combine local presence with in depth furniture industry knowledge. When we help furniture business owners in selling their company we always have a M&A industry expert that knows the furniture industry well. This advisor works together with our other European M&A experts to find buyers for your company. When you sell your business it is necessary that a M&A advisor understands the local Belgium furniture market as well as the European furniture buyers.

Overview furniture manufacturers and distributors in Belgium

In Belgium there are less furniture manufacturing players left compared to some decades ago. Quite some have moved to Eastern Europe as labour is cheaper there. However, there are still a large number of independent manufacturers of furniture available in Belgium. Some owners are reaching the retirement age and maybe looking for a business sale. Here is a list of a few of the furniture manufacturers that are active in Belgium:

  • Confortluxe (manufacturers of upholstered furniture)
  • Recor
  • Karel Mintjens (manufacturer of oak furniture)
  • Gaston Bauwens
  • Van Pelt
  • Rom
  • Veldeman

We combine local presence with in depth furniture industry knowledge. We know the local furniture manufacturing landscape in Belgium and help furniture business owners in a sale to global players.

Strategy Belgium furniture manufacturers

The major players in the Belgium furniture manufacturing industry base their strategy on “qualitative competition”. Hence, they don’t compete on price with low cost manufacturers in other parts of the world, but focus on quality instead. Co-operation, innovation and developing new talent is crucial for the Belgium furniture companies to flourish. This helps to position these furniture companies well when the owners want to sell their company in the future. Belgian consumers are loyal to their own products. This can make it interesting for an international buyer to get into the Belgium furniture market to get closer to these customers.

Type of buyers for your furniture business

Who could be the best buyer for your furniture business?Furniture manufacturing has since many years become an international business. At Corporate Finance in Europe we focus on international strategic furniture buyers. We know the furniture companies and many of the management teams that want to acquire a business. We are in touch with a lot of interested furniture buyers and know what they are looking for. Having a background in furniture helps to find the most suited buyer. If you want to achieve the highest sales price often international buyers are the ideal solution. There are quite some furniture buyers that want establish a presence in Belgium via acquisitions.

The process of selling a company

The process of selling a furniture company doesn’t differ too much from selling a business in a standard industry. If you have only little experience with business sales you can learn from our general information on how to sell a company. With European business sales we focus a lot on the cultural aspects and the personal relationships in furniture companies. Please read more about the different steps when selling your company in the process of selling a business.

When selling a furniture business in Belgium

The M&A advisors of Corporate Finance in Europe are here to help you with selling your furniture company in Belgium. Carl Pitchford has more than 25 years experience in the (European) furniture industry and can give advice if the time to sell is right for you. Get in touch with us to learn more about the possibilities to sell your Belgium furniture company.

M&A advisor Carl Pitchford Please get in touch with our Belgium M&A advisor, Carl Pitchford, who can help you with a business sale of your furniture company and guide you in the process.GET IN CONTACT WITH us and get 30 minutes of free advice on mergers and acquisitions in the furniture industry in Belgium