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The pharma / healthcare market in Belgium

Belgium is a world leader in the pharmaceuticals industry. The latter is a key sector in terms of jobs: it employs almost 30,000 workers in Belgium and this figure is growing year on year. Pharmaceuticals account for over 10% of Belgium's total exports. Accordingly, both the pharmaceuticals industry and the Belgian government are investing heavily in developing this sector even further and major drives are under way to promote innovation and R&D. Every year, the pharmaceuticals industry ploughs over €1.5 billion into R&D. This represents 40% of all private investment in R&D in Belgium, double the European average.

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Let us inform you about the pharma M&A market in Belgium

There are over 140 biotechnology companies operating in Belgium (7% of all such companies in Europe). Belgian biotechnology companies accounted for 16% of Europe’s turnover and almost 10% of R&D expenditure. The development of the biotechnology sector in Belgium has created several biotechnology clusters comprising universities, companies and organisations active in the biotechnology industry.

The type of pharma / healthcare companies to buy in Belgium

Buy a business in Belgium The pharma landscape is very diverse in Belgium as the country has a rich tradition in this industry. As such, many different types of pharma or healthcare companies can be found. Our M&A advisors in Belgium know the pharma and broader lifescience markets in and out. There is still a lot of interesting pharma companies to sell in Belgium. Our Belgian pharma M&A team is ready to help you find suited pharma companies to sell. Here is an overview of the activities of the firms we come across:

  • Over-the-counter medicines
  • Pharma in general
  • Medical devices
  • Personalized medicines
  • Prescription drugs
  • Diagnostics
  • Food supplements / natural products
  • Phytotherapy
  • Biotechnology

Why to buy a pharma / healthcare company in Belgium?

There are many reasons why to buy a pharma company in Belgium. Below you will find some reasons why Belgium is a very attractive country for pharma acquisitions:

  • Growing market due to ageing of the Belgian and European population
  • Access to highly qualified human resources
  • Strong governmental support for investment in innovation
  • Belgium is centrally located in Europe
  • Cross collaboration programs with leading players in the field and the universities

Overview of pharma / healthcare companies in Belgium

Here an overview of some of the pharma companies that are active in Belgium. Not all these companies are originally domestically founded:

  • Ablynx
  • Baxter
  • Bepharbel
  • Cardio3 Biosciences
  • Fagron
  • GSK Biologicals
  • Ion Beam Applications
  • Janssen Pharmaceutica
  • Mithra Pharmaceuticals
  • Omega Pharma
  • SMB
  • Therabel
  • Thrombogenics
  • Tilman
  • Trenker
  • UCB
  • Vemedia
  • Will Pharma

How to buy a company

If you want to buy a pharma company it is good to have an deep understanding of the buying process. We want to help you in the process of buying a business. This starts with the preparation to buy a company. You can find more information about buying a company in other sections of our website. With European business purchases cross border aspects are of importance. Please learn more about buying a company by reading buying a business.

Buying a pharma / healthcare company in Belgium

Feel free to get in touch for information about buying a pharma business in Belgium. Our M&A advisors know the pharma industry in Belgium and speak your language. The advisors of CFIE help you to purchase a pharma company in Belgium. Our M&A advisors are ready to assist with buying a pharma business. We can bring you suited pharma companies open for a business sale. Please get in touch with CFIE to learn more about buying a pharma company in Belgium.

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