How to buy a software company in Belgium

The software market in Belgium

The software market in Belgium has a relatively large share in the Belgium GDP. There are a lot of interesting software companies to buy. Our local M&A advisors know the Belgium software market well and we can point you to interesting software opportunities. The Belgium software market has a good base due to a high concentration of quality universities and incubators. These are often organized into efficient networks which provides a good base for new software development. Often the networks relate directly to software and sectors where software plays a central role. In Flanders, the DSP Valley (Digital Signal Processing) is a cluster of importance as well as one which focuses on graphic design and telematics. Engineering and mathematics education are of high international standards and researchers in Belgium are among the most productive in the world. There is quite some support from federal and regional authorities for research in the area of ICT and software. Hence, the Belgium software market is of high interest if you want to buy a company.

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Type of software companies to buy in Belgium

The software landscape in Belgium is of high interest. The Belgium Foreign Trade Agency indicates various fields in which the Belgium software industry has outstanding companies. Here many interesting software acquisition opportunities can be found. Here is an overview of the type of software fields we see in Belgium:

  • Software for microelectronics
  • Software used in telecommunications
  • Image and audio processing software
  • Banking, security and authentication software
  • Software used in Geo-ICT

Why to buy a software company in Belgium?

There are quite some reasons why to buy a software company in Belgium. There is a lot of innovation in the Belgium software landscape. The education system and the quality of available software developers is good. Buying a Belgium software firm can act as a bridge to new markets in Europe like France or the Netherlands. The language skills in Belgium are good given various languages (French, Dutch, German) are spoken locally. All these reasons make Belgium a very attractive country for software acquisitions.

Overview of software companies in Belgium

Here some examples of the software players in Belgium. These software companies are not sorted on size and can be of any sort:

  • Agfa HealthCare
  • Amplidata
  • Babelway
  • Enfocus
  • Esko
  • EVS
  • Image-Line
  • Lernout & Hauspie
  • Mainsys
  • Memnon Archiving Services
  • Mobile Token
  • SoftAtHome
  • Solvace
  • Traficon
  • Ucamco
  • Zappware

How to buy a software company in general?

If you want to buy a software company it is important to be aware of the various stages in the buying process. The standard process of buying a software company is available in more detail on our website. However, in practice no acquisition is ever the same. It is important to describe a good story to the seller as well as a seller needs to see the opportunities and synergies of a sale to your organisation. There needs to be a clear interest on both sides to come to a closing of the transaction. If you want to read more about buying a software company please go to the page buying a software business.

We have people with a software background living across many countries in Europe. We have software M&A experts in countries like the Netherlands, Germany, France and Italy. Hence, it is good to download our M&A in ICT presentation if you want to know more about our European ICT and software team.

Buying a software company in Belgium

We have people with large experience and strong skills on how to buy a software company in Belgium. Our people have a software background and have worked in software for many years. Once you have read about how to buy a business in general we get on with the way how to buy a software company in Belgium. That is the understanding of the local software industry in Belgium. Please get in touch with us if you want to know more about how to buy a software company in Belgium.