Buy a logistics business in Belgium

The process of buying a logistics company in Belgium

Our M&A advisors are active in buying logistics (or forwarding/transportation) companies in Belgium. Our main interest is to help logistics firms with their acquisition plans in Belgium. As a start it is very important that we discuss your acquisition strategy and make an overview of the possible Belgium logistics companies that can be suited to buy for you. However, the most important point is to sit down together and go through your buying plans. We help you to challenge your acquisition plans and discuss possible synergies together. Very often this results in an adjusted acquisition strategy.

Buy a logistics business

Let us inform you about the logistics M&A market in Belgium

After we are fully aligned on your acquisition plans we reach out to the owners of suited logistics companies on an anonymous basis. We explain them the strategy of the buyer as well as the opportunity that is in it for them. Very often it can be attractive for the selling company to be part of a larger network with whom synergies can be realized. This is important as the logistics industry is very competitive and efficient procedures are crucial. Further, we assist the buyer in the full process of negotiations to realize a good deal. We organize the personal visits of the buyer to get a better understanding of the company for sale. In the due diligence phase we look at the requirements of the buyer and help in organizing the process as to the requirements of the buyer. We support the logistics buyer until the final phase to closing the logistics deal together. Hence, our logistics M&A advisors are helping international logistics business buyers in the purchase of logistics companies.

Current buyers for Belgium logistics companies

We are currently aware of quite a few logistic buyers active in logistics for specific industries that want to buy various types of logistics companies in Belgium. Here an overview of the industries in which logistics buyers are interested in:

  • Packed chemicals buyer
  • Fresh food and vegetables
  • Pharma warehousing buyers
  • Temperature controlled logistics buyers for various industries

For most logistics buyers in Belgium we can find suited interested sellers.

How to buy a logistics business in Belgium

Should a M&A advisor know about the local situation in the logistics industry? Teamwork is important for the CFIE M&A logistics network, our people combine a local presence in Belgium with in depth logistics industry knowledge. When we help logistics clients in buying a company we always have someone locally on the ground who knows the practical situation of possible targets. The process of buying a logistics company differs slightly from buying a business in a standard industry. The logistics industry can have as an important difference that it uses a large amount of assets compared to other industries. Currently, most buyers are less interested in the acquisition of the logistics assets of a firm as they want to operate lean and mean. Sometimes we see that family businesses still have an interest in physical assets as they acquire the company with a much longer horizon. Hence, they are less interested in direct financial metrics or ratios that stock listed logistics firms depend on. You can learn from the information on how to buy a company in general that we have available. If you want to read more about how to buy a company please go to the page of buying a business or download the process of how to buy a business.

Buying a logistics business in Belgium

Your strategy is important before you start buying your logistics business in Belgium. You will need to know where possible synergies exist with the purchase of your Belgium logistics business. The M&A advisors of Corporate Finance in Europe are ready to help you with buying your logistics company in Belgium. Learn more from us about the possibilities to buy a logistics company in Belgium.

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