Buy a forwarding business in Belgium

The purchase of a Belgium forwarding company

Our M&A advisors have a long track record in the purchase of Belgium forwarding businesses. Our forwarding M&A advisors are helping international forwarding business buyers in a purchase of a forwarding business. Our main interest is to help forwarding firms with their acquisition plans in Belgium. We discuss your acquisition strategy and make an overview of the possible Belgium forwarding companies that can be suited to buy for you. We reach out to the owners of these forwarding companies on an anonymous basis and explain the strategy of the buyer as well as the opportunity for the selling company. Further, we assist the buyer in the full process of negotiations to closing the forwarding deal.

Buy a forwarding business

Let us tell you about the forwarding market in Belgium

We are active in business purchases for various type of forwarding companies in Belgium:

  • Airfreight forwarding
  • Sea (ocean) forwarding
  • Road forwarding

For each type of forwarding company in Belgium we can find possible interested sellers.

Airfreight is probably the smallest type of forwarding in Belgium given air traffic is relatively small in Belgium compared to neighbouring countries. The most important airport in Belgium for air forwarding is Zaventem which is located close to Brussel. There are other airports that can be reached for air forwarding, but these are mainly local airports with a lower amount of air traffic. Air forwarding refers to both import and export freight in Belgium with a higher share for import.

Sea forwarding out of Belgium on the contrary is of a very large size and quite some forwarders are active in this field. Very often the actual ocean transportation occurs via international ship owners. Containers are moved via the employees of the many ocean forwarders that are active in Belgium. This concerns both FCL (Full Container Load) as LCL (Less-Than-Container Load). If you are interested in buying a sea forwarding business in Belgium we can help you very well. The ocean forwarding companies open for a sale are active in the Belgium harbours that are located in:

  • Antwerp port
  • Port of Ghent
  • Port of Ostend
  • Port of Zeebrugge (Bruges)

Road forwarding companies to buy can be found in Belgium as well. A business purchase can be of interest for road forwarding companies that consolidate cargo or for companies that do full truck loads. Our M&A advisors have access to a large number of local road forwarding companies of any size that can be acquired under the right circumstances. Please get in touch if you want to know more about buying a road forwarding company in Belgium.

How to buy a forwarding business in Belgium

Should a M&A advisor know about the local situation in the forwarding industry?
Teamwork is important for the CFIE M&A forwarding network, our people combine local presence in Belgium with in depth forwarding industry knowledge. When we help forwarding clients in buying a company we always have someone locally on the ground who knows the practical situation of possible targets. If you want to read more about buying a forwarding company please go to buy a forwarding business.

The process of buying a company in general

The process of buying a forwarding company differs not very much from buying a business in a standard industry. The forwarding industry has as a main difference that it uses limited assets compared to other industries. The forwarding industry normally has high goodwill being paid in a business purchase. You can learn from the information on how to buy a company that we have available. If you want to read more about how to buy your company please go to the page of buying a business.

When buying a forwarding business

Determining your strategy is important before you start buying your forwarding business in Belgium. You will need to know where possible synergies exist with the purchase of your Belgium forwarding business. The M&A advisors of Corporate Finance in Europe are ready to help you with buying your forwarding company in Belgium. Get in touch with us to learn more about the possibilities to buy your Belgium forwarding company.

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