Buy an automotive company

How to buy an automotive company?

The automotive market in Europe

The automotive market in Europe has a relatively high share in the European Gross Domestic Product. The automotive industry contributes in many ways to the European economy. The European net exports of motor vehicles have a value of more than €100 billion. The EU exports 6.6m motor vehicles annually. The main EU’s export markets are:

  • The United States
  • China
  • Russia
  • Switzerland
  • Japan
Buy a business in Automotive The automotive manufacturers are normally the large and well-known brands like BMW, Mercedes, Renault, Fiat, Volvo and many others. However, behind the actual automotive producers there is a large market of suppliers. Most of the buyers we see are companies active in supplying to the automotive manufacturers. If you want to buy an automotive supplier we can help you very well. In Europe there are a lot of high quality automotive companies with advanced knowledge to buy. Our automotive M&A advisors know the European automotive market well and we can bring you interesting automotive opportunities to buy.

Type of automotive companies to buy in Europe

The automotive landscape in Europe is of high interest to international buyers. There are many different fields in the European automotive industry. In all of these fields high quality companies exist. Many interesting automotive acquisition opportunities can be found in Europe. Here is an overview of some of the type of automotive suppliers we come across in Europe:

  • Manufacturers of doors and windows
  • Manufacturers of body parts
  • Suppliers of electrical pieces (audio, charging and ignition systems)
  • Lighting and signalling pieces
  • Automotive sensors and switches
  • Automotive interior components like floor parts and car seats
  • Powertrain and chassis elements (brakes, engine parts)
  • Oil and other fuel supply systems
  • Transmission systems

Trends in the European automotive market

Due to the contact with automotive buyers and sellers we do see quite some trends in the European market. One of the main trends that has been going on for some time is the transfer of production to lower cost European countries. Automotive suppliers from Western Europe or Scandinavia (mainly Sweden) are looking for acquisitions in Eastern Europe to get access to cheaper labour. We have good contacts in countries like Romania, the Czech Republic, Poland and know the automotive landscape well there. Another continuous trend is innovation. The focus on innovation is large and there is a lot of innovation in the European automotive industry. We see more cooperation with Asian firms and part of the development move to Asia. Lastly, we see companies grow in scale. Although there are still people that start-up new automotive companies, overall we see a growing scale in the size of automotive companies. We do see more interest of global (US and Asian) automotive suppliers to acquire in Europe.

Why to buy an automotive company in Europe?

There are many reasons why to buy an automotive company in Europe. Every day there is more innovation in the European automotive industry. The education system in Europe is good. The quality and motivation of the automotive employees is mostly high. Buying an European automotive firm can act as an entrance to new markets. We know that Korean automotive manufacturers demand their suppliers to do acquisitions in Europe to get access to new technologies. Manufacturing labour is still very cheap in Eastern Europe, which can be a competitive edge. Many automotive clusters exists all across Europe focusing on different parts of the automotive processes and products. The demand for high quality cars by European consumers is high. All this makes Europe a very attractive place for automotive acquisitions. Please get in touch with us if you want to buy an automotive company in Europe.

How to buy a company (the process in general)?

Many automotive buyers do have some experience with the acquisition process. However, when you want to buy an automotive company it is important to be aware of the buying process in general. A detailed description of the process of buying a company is available in detail on our website. In practice no acquisition is the same. Hence, it is good to discuss with our automotive M&A team the specific situation of your company. If you want to read more about buying a company in general please go to the page buying a business.

Automotive companies wanted in Europe

If you are the owner of an automotive supplier and you want to sell your company we are able to help you. In the section automotive companies wanted you will find an overview of some of the automotive buyers we know that are interested to do acquisitions in Europe. We show an overview of some of the automotive buyers we know in the list automotive companies wanted. These companies can be the buyer for your automotive supplier. Feel free to get in touch so we can go more in depth regarding the requirements of the buyers that are listed.
If you are an interested buyer of automotive companies feel free get in touch as well. We can make a profile of the automotive companies you are interested in free of charge. We will post your requirements on the CFIE automotive site. Once we have a suited automotive company for you to buy we will be back in touch with you.

List automotive companies for sale

If you want to buy an automotive company in Europe we might have the right company for you already. We have a lot of automotive companies for sale. These companies can be of interest for you to buy. If you are interested in buying an automotive company please go to the section automotive companies for sale. Here you can find the automotive companies we currently have for sale. If you are an owner of an automotive company and want to sell your company we can list your company anonymously here. Once we hear of interested buyers for your type of automotive company we will inform you.

Buying an automotive company in Europe

We have people with large experience and strong skills on how to buy an automotive company in Europe. Our people have an automotive background and have worked in the automotive industry for a long time. Once you have read about how to buy a business in general we start with the process of buying an automotive company in Europe. Our understanding of the local automotive industry in many European countries is very good. Please get in touch with us if you want to know more about how to buy an automotive company in Europe.