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Post merger team optimisation consultant Thora Thorsdottir

About Thora Thorsdottir

Post acquisition team optimisation consultant Thora Thorsdottir

Thora’s professional career spans over 20 years, encompassing a strong blend of both an academic (psychology and business degrees) and a commercial background. Her industry experience is diverse and she has lived and worked on both sides of the Atlantic. Working for Bank of America in the early days, she subsequently worked for several software companies (one being SPSS, now part of IBM), overseeing major accounts both in the United Kingdom and Europe. She has also worked in research and development in academic contexts, market research and for boutique consultancies, both in HR, recruitment and more recently, mergers and acquisitions.

As well as her strong research and client facing background, Thora has experience of various sensitive situations, having worked on well-being and more recently as an executive coach. Thora is a member of several UK based professional institutes, including the Chartered Institute of Management. Her doctoral research was from the Edinburgh Business School – where she spent several years researching the Human Element in Business Acquisitions. She has also published her research in International Business Partnerships (Palgrave) and other leading journals.

Skills and Experience

Thora specialises in enabling and supporting the optimisation of management, executive and other teams during merger and acquisition – to enhance their success. With her business partner, Trevor Hills, Thora has developed the Team Optimisation Service specifically to support new and existing teams.

The Team Optimisation Service helps newly formed and existing senior management and executive teams maximise integration efficiently, facilitating change by addressing ambiguity, bridging differences in a succinct and efficient manner. As part of the service she provides support to managerial, cross-functional and cross-geographic teams. The programme highlights areas of concern prior to and during change, providing a safe platform to address potential conflict. Other benefits of the service include enabling groups to develop productive working relationships succinctly, hence easing collaboration, focus and ultimate outcomes moving forward.

In addition, Thora can offer services for individuals experiencing change. She also works with a team of specialists, who focus on process, service and IT integration (from the outset and as part of a Post-Merger Optimisation Service).

Country Experience and Languages

Thora is based in the Greater London area; has lived and worked on both sides of the Atlantic and in Iceland, Norway, Scotland prior to settling in England over 20 years ago). She has worked with clients across several European countries – Holland, Belgium, Switzerland and Germany and with individual clients world-wide. She speaks fluent Icelandic and basic French and has a fair knowledge of the Scandinavian languages. She is active, enjoying the outdoors, sailing and cultural activities.

Thora brings her research and diagnostic and client facing skills and experience to both the development of and face to face delivery of the Team Optimisation Service. Working along-side Trevor, they have both identified the need for this service, especially in the context of post-merger.