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M&A advisor Wolfgang Braun

German m&a advisor from Stuttgart

M&A advisor Wolfgang Braun

Wolfgang Braun gained his M&A experience at Daimler in Corporate Development. He started with IT carve outs from Daimler Holdings (Mercedes Benz, DASA (now part of EADS), AEG) and start ups (debitel, Telematic Services) to establish debis (the Daimler Service business).  He was responsible for IT Outsourcing Business Developent  (International organic growth) he acquired big and small companies  (M&A i.e. Capgemini alliance, Diebold acquisition, Mitsubishi (Joint Venture), Chrysler, ) integrated the acquisitions (Post Merger Integration), and  sold (divestments i.e. Capgemini, debitel, Telematics) and debis SH to Dt. Telekom). He launched European Toll Collect (as a Daimler, Telekom, Cofiroute J.V.) and managed the Crisis with the German Government and became Dean oft he Daimler Corporate University for Executive Development.

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At META Group, he was Managing Director in Europe, Chief Analyst for MA& in high Tech industries (IT, Telecom, Services, e-Business) and helped clients (examples: IBM, CSC, Atos HP, Dell, IDS Scheer, SAP, USU, Brokat, Siemens, and many more) in M&A (Corporate Finance, Start-ups, Venture capital, Acquisition, divestments, MBO, MBI, carve outs, Joint Ventures, alliances, Outsourcing and Fair Value Evaluations). META Group was sold to Gartner Group, the M&A business operates as independent partner (MBO) as META M&A and Kompetenhaus.

After his studies (FHF, BU, NJIT, MIT USC, TUM) Wolfgang worked in Medical Instruments (FFO/ Germany, UMDNJ/USA) and IT (HP, Digital, debis / Capgemini and META) in Engineering (Daimler, Bosch, Berghof). Wolfgang is an expert to align information technology and innovation with business processes. Wolfgang helps clients in strategy development (Busienss Development) in strategy execution (M&A, IT Management, Interim Management and Outsourcing) and strategy reviews (business planning and controlling skills and competencies assessments) to  increase their competitive position.

Wolfgang is supporting Corporate Finance in Europe with his contacts and experiences in International M&A deals.

Experience areas:

  • Financial Evaluation, Due Diligence
  • Mergers & Acquisitions (Buy and Sell Side)
  • Business Development Strategies
  • Management Buy Out / In, Succession Plannig
  • Post Merger Integration
  • Risk management, Crises Management, Distressed Depth management
  • Executive Assessements and Audits, Coaching
  • Business Angel, Venture Capital
  • Interim Management (Turn around management, Ledership)


  • IT (Information Technology),
  • Telecom,
  • Engineering Services,
  • Logistics,
  • Media  and
  • Manufacturing.


Electrical Engineering (Bachelor in Germany) and Computer Science (Masters in USA), Business Administration (DBA in Europe and USA).

The m&a advisor is experienced in;

  • Germany
  • Austria

Companies experience:

  • HP
  • Gartner (M&A acquisition of Meta Group)
  • Digital Equipment
  • Daimler (IT Outsourcing projects)
  • Cap Gemini (the integration with debis systemhouse as an M&A advisor)
  • META Group (acquired by Gartner)
  • Several SME (IT Outsourcing)

The M&A advisor is experienced in;

  • German speaking countries Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Liechtenstein
  • Europe (East and West)
  • Americas
  • Asia

Our m&a advisor speaks:

  • English (fluent)
  • German (native)
  • French, Spanish, Japanese (Basic)

European Mergers and Acquisitions

Wolfgang Braun has offices in Stuttgart and Lyon. He has excellent contacts in Germany to Investors, companies and executives. For more information, please visit the following pages;