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M&A advisor Pierre Lurin

About Pierre

M&A advisor Pierre LurinPierre is a veteran of the Telecoms and IT industry. He has worked on more than 20 M&A deals in Europe, Middle East and Africa in the last 10 years, for acquisition ranging €3m to €300m, covering mid-size service providers and suppliers as well as smaller IT companies. Pierre is a Partner at INVESTAURA Management Consultants, a consultancy specialising in M&A and Corporate Development.

Skills & Experience

Pierre started his career in the UK with AnalysysMason, a consultancy specialising in telecommunications strategy. As a consultant, he has advised numerous operators and manufacturers across Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Africa.  In 1999, he joined Siemens Communications in Germany and has held a number of senior positions in Marketing, Sales, Finance, M&A, Portfolio Management and Managed Services. In 2008 he founded INVESTAURA Management Consultants with a group of senior executives from the ICT industry.

Contact Pierre Lurin

By contacting Pierre you will receive 30 mins of free advice

Pierre has lived and worked in the UK, France, Malaysia and Germany.  He holds a Master of Science from Ecole Centrale Paris, France, as well as a Master in Finance from the University of Cambridge, England.

Companies and Corporate Finance experience

  • AnalysysMason (consulting)
  • Siemens (telecoms and IT)
  • Nokia Solutions Networks (telecoms supplier)
  • Cisco (telecoms and IT supplier)
  • Telekom Malaysia (telecoms service providers)
  • Orascom (telecoms service provider)
  • Etisalat (telecoms service provider)
  • INVESTAURA (consulting)

Industrial knowledge

  • Telecoms
  • Information Technology
  • Software, Cloud, SaaS
  • ICT solutions for the Aeronautics, Transportation and Critical infrastructure industries

Country experience

  • Germany, France, UK, Belgium, Switzerland, Italy, Finland
  • UAE, Egypt, Burundi, Guinea, South Africa, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Philippines, India, Vietnam, New Zealand, USA

Languages spoken by the M&A advisor

  • French (native)
  • German
  • English

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