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M&A advisor Haukur Thor Hauksson


M&A advisor Haukur Thor Hauksson

Haukur Thor Hauksson

Experience areas

Finance, Management, Sales, Early stage companies


  • Financial Services
  • Retail Industry
  • Studies

    London school of foreign trade, London, economic.

    Master of business and administration MBA University of Iceland.

    Contact Haukur
    Thor Hauksson

    By contacting Haukur you will receive 30 mins of free advice

    Work experience countries


    Companies experience

    • Borgarljós ltd (import retail)
    • Reykjalundur plasic industry (plastic production)
    • Investis corporate finance (Financial Services)
    • board member of various companies in Iceland.

    The Icelandic m&a advisor speaks

    • Icelandic
    • English
    • Danish
    • Norwegian

    Feel free to contact Coprorate Finance in Europe if you need m&a advice for iceland. Ask for Haukur Thor Hauksson if he is your preferred m&a advisor.