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M&A advisor Franck da Silva

About Franck

M&A advisor Franck da SilvaFranck speaks French, English and Portuguese. His knowledge of the French SME economic and regulatory environment is excellent. He has a good knowledge of the industrial sector, namely luxury, textile, mechanical and IT/internet start-ups. He has done several cross border M&A deals (As well buy side as sell side). CFIE is ready to help you with your European M&A plans.

Contact Franck da Silva

By contacting Franck you will receive 30 mins of free advice

Skills & Experience

Franck studied and got degrees in Economics (BA, University of Paris X), Management, Business and Corporate Finance (Master, Business School in Paris – Institut Supérieur du Commerce de Paris) and in Risk Management in Finance (Master, University of Cergy-Pontoise).

Franck previously worked in Paris for a French Investment Bank (mid & large cap) and a French M&A boutique (small cap). He is also a passionate Entrepreneur and Investor.

Franck’s vocation is to deliver shareholder strategy consulting to contribute to the rehabilitation and sustainability of organizations.

Franck is the Founder of Ænon Corporate Finance, an independent Mergers & Acquisitions advisor contributing to SME's development and sustainable growth.

The company’s mission is to provide shareholders and entrepreneurs with the professional and tailored advisory services needed to execute a successful transaction.

Ænon Corporate Finance operates mainly in transactions where its clients or the counterparts are either francophone (namely from France, Belgium, Switzerland, Luxembourg or African francophone countries) or lusophone (Portugal, Brazil, Angola and Mozambique).

The company is based in Paris and is opening an office in Lisbon.

Industrial knowledge

  • Luxury goods
  • Textile
  • Internet (start-ups)
  • Automotive

Country experience

  • France
  • Portugal
  • Switzerland
  • Brazil

Languages spoken by the M&A advisor

  • English
  • French
  • Portuguese

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